10 COOL Smartphone ACCESSORIES That Are Worth Buying

Your smartphone is within arm’s reach all day. Why not make it as fun and functional as possible? Check out new cool smartphone gadgets and accessories and today’s selection.

Screen protector for smartphone

Screen protector

The rhinoshield innovative screen protector is a new class of screen protectors. It provides exceptional impact protection and anti shock features. When it comes down to the details. The screen protector combines several layers with different properties into one single layer. The film thickness is only 0.01 inch, but it ranks more superior than Gorilla Glass thanks to its protective features in string. It not only protects the screen from scratches, but can withstand hammer blows that destroy ordinary screens not to mention falling from any height. The surface of the rhinoshield was specifically made to mimic glass meaning you won’t have to sacrifice the feeling of touching real glass.

Waterproof smartphone cover

Waterproof phone cover

This waterproof phone cover is the best summer accessory for taking your smartphone with you to the beach. You can use your smartphone without removing it from the cover and do things such as thought listen and freely type it is fully compatible with touch displays. The cover protects your expensive phone from water, sand, salt, dust and snow and allows you to make videos straight from under the water. The case is completely waterproof up to 65 feet deep as guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Wireless Fish finder deeper

Wireless Fish finder deeper

This fish finder is an absolute fishing necessity to make sure that your fishing efforts don’t go to waves. With the deeper fishfinder you will always know if there are fish in any pond. The device works very simply just clip it onto the fishing line and dip it into the water to activate the fish finder connects to a smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS and transmits the information it collects. It’s able to measure the depth of a reservoir and the structure of the bottom the distance to nearby fish face size and water temperature. It works in both salt and freshwater and works in depths of 1.5 to 130 feet. This type of fish finder is very compact and can work in any condition. Its diameter is only 2.5 inches.

iBobber fish finder

Bobber fish finder

There’s also a cheaper version of the fish finder available called the eye bobber. It works using the same principle when a fish appears and alarm activates. You won’t have to wait hours for fish and you can do other things until you hear the warning signal. Thanks to be integrated LED backlight you can fish in the dark. The application additionally can track fish information and save your fishing history in order to come back to locations with a lot of fish. And if that’s not enough, you can also get recommendations regarding whether or not you’re fishing on the right day. The program takes local weather conditions into account along with pressure moon phases and other factors.

Wall-outlet charging shelf for smartphone

Wall-outlet charging shelf

For convenient phone charging in a public place where the only place to leave your phone is on the floor or even worse hanging by the cable you’ll definitely need this shelf holder because then no one will step on your phone and accidentally crashing.

Numark iDJ live

Numark iDJ live

Connect your iOS device, choose two songs and mix them as you like. There are tons of options and you’ll definitely find the one that fits you. There’s even a model with a built in speaker that lights up in different colors. Perfect fit for your homemade nightclub. Don’t forget to think of a catchy name and to kill your neighbors so that they don’t call the bullies.

Mobile game controller

obile game controller

No doubt that gaming and touchscreen don’t always go best together. But if you want to up your game, make sure to check out this ultra lightweight mobile controller slim design makes it more convenient to install it anytime you wish to play the game use any trigger at any side on the right on the left and vice versa. It tightly grips the foam also the transparent material grabs less attention on the trigger. Take a look at more interesting models following the description.

Celestron NexYZ-3

Celestron NexYZ-3

This universal adapter helps you capture stunning images through your favorite optic like telescope binocular or microscope in seconds. What makes Nex YZ different from other smartphone adapters. The secret is the unique Z axis adjustment. Nex YZ connects your smartphone to your favorite optic and perfectly aligned your phone’s camera with the scope eyepiece in seconds. It works with all the latest mobile devices from Apple, Samsung and Google usually with the case on and even though this adjustment is ultra precise, it’s still quicker and easier than with other adapters.



The next gadget is designed for outdoor activities with this spotting scope. You can take excellent photographs and record videos of animals and birds that you encounter during your adventures gadget has all the features that you need for viewing things at a distance up to 1000 yards. The Zoom magnification of the spotting scope can be adjusted from 20x to 60x that makes it perfect for all types of outdoor activities even in bad weather. Yep, he is waterproof and also prevents dust and debris from entering. Spotting Scope comes with a universal phone Attachment A tabletop tripod And a waterproof carry case so comfy.

Ring phone Grip

Ring phone Grip

Cell phone ring holders have become a must have accessory so take a look at what we found for you. What’s so special about Spigen style ring you may wonder? Well it’s an attachable smartphone ring for improved and drop free grip you may easily use it as a kickstand for hands free usage on tables and hold yourself on on a car dashboard since the ring holder includes a hook mount phone grip rotates and swivels for personalized comfort and versatility. The installation is obvious, pull off the sticker portion on the back of the device and stick it on the back of your phone. The range of models is just enormous. You’ll definitely choose the thing that hits you best, even if it’s a spinner, or Batman logo. So what are you waiting for?

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