[2019version]Google Chrome speeds up!Summary of back tricks to realize weight reduction

[2019version]Google Chrome speeds up!Summary of back tricks to realize weight reduction

[2019version]Google Chrome speeds up!Summary of back tricks to realize weight reduction

It’s now used by most people in the industryHigh-speed browser Google Chrome..

oneself[High-speed browser made by Google]I came to the browser market with a copy full of confidence, so it’s pretty fast in the first place …!

It seems that there are people everywhere who don’t say, “It’s not like this yet! You can get faster!”, And there are actually quite dynamic speed-up methods, so I would like to introduce them all at once.

01. Cut waste for the time being

First of all, let’s cut unnecessary data by using the function of Chrome itself quickly. Up to this point, the operation is guaranteed properly, so you can use your company’s PC.

Procedure for deleting useless data with standard functions

  • Move to “Delete history data screen” with Shift + Ctrl + Delete (Shift + Command + Delete on Mac)
  • Period: All
  • [閲覧履歴],[ダウンロード履歴],[Cookieと他のサイト…],[キャッシュ]Check to delete
  • By the way, delete the guy who is not using the extension

02. Free the memory of “tabs that are not open now” with TabMemFree

I put in a Chrome extension called TabMemFree and set it to forcibly free the memory part that was allocated to the tab that is not open now.

After installing, right-click the extension icon and select “Options”. Let’s justify all the Timelimits sequence bars to the right.

>> Install TabMem Free

03. Apply OneClick Cleaner for Chrome and optimize various things

In addition to various information such as those included in item 01, install an extension called “OneClick Cleaner for Chrome” that realizes DB optimization and other things with one click.

When the application is completed, check appcashe, cache, downloads, fileSystems, history, indexDB, localStrage, serverBoundCertificates, pluginData, webSQL and hit “Clean Now” and it’s OK.

It is a forced cleaning tool that can be used anytime and many times when it is getting a little heavier.

>> OneClick Cleaner for Chrome installation

04. Enable the test operation function to speed up

It’s implemented in Chrome, but it’s still in trial operation so I won’t support it if anything happens. I will enable some of the functions.

As work, “chrome: // flags /In the “Test operation function list page” that can be moved by entering “” in the address bar, search the text of the following functions with Ctrl + F and change the flag to enable ⇒ Restart. It is the flow of.

List of test operation functions that (likely) speed up when enabled

  • Overwrite software rendering list (mac / win)
  • GPU synthesis on all pages (mac)
  • Thread synthesis (mac)
  • GPU acceleration of SVG filter (mac / win)
  • Enable the function to close tabs / windows quickly (mac / win)
  • Disable hyperlink auditing (mac / win)
  • New cacheable tab page with Instant Extended (mac / win)
  • Enable SPDY / 4 alpha 2 (mac / win)
  • Enable HTTP / 2 draft 04 (mac / win)
  • Enable scroll prediction (mac / win)

* This is a test function that can be used with the OS (in parentheses).

See: How to speed up Chrome v2

By the way, when I tried all of them, it certainly speeded up considerably.

But maybeThe one who gets angry if you do it on your company’s PCSince it also includes, please make your own judgment in that area.

05. Install and run SpeedyFox

“SpeedyFox” is a very famous tool for speeding up Firefox, but it is easy to forget that it can be used for Chrome.

Download the software from the official website, install ⇒ execute! Just do it and it will speed up so much that you want to say “Fa !?”.

That’s right.Naming is importantis.

>> SpeedyFox installation

One more note

It’s quite annoying to do everything,Operation cannot be guaranteed.

So, please make your own judgment about that area.

Also, I think there are probably some points in the above that say “I’m suffering from doing this!”. So, if you notice it, please point it out.