Where to invest in the stock market today: Bankinter, CaixaBank, Telefónica and Neinor Homes

Analysis of the best options to know where to invest now and which are the most interesting investments for today’s session.

trading opportunities

The selective spanish says goodbye to 8,500 points in a session that ended with a strong rebound on Wall Street and therefore a rebound can be generated in today’s session.

However, as long as we do not see prices above the medium-term moving average of 8,632 points, the risk of seeing more profit-taking It is very high.

In any case, no matter what happens, we always have a set of values ​​that are doing tremendously well and several of them are worth being in my dashboard. They are in a very important technical momentin addition to having many investors attentive to them.

What should you invest in according to your age?:

1) Bankinter: We need to see closings above 5.18 euros to assess the possibility of continuing towards 5.33 and if you can with them continue towards 5.87 euros.

2) CaixaBank: If it manages to be placed above 2.78 euros we can see an additional section until testing the recent maximums at 2,926 euros with a protective stop at the lows of the session in which those 2.78 euros are made.

3) Telephone: Pay attention to the resistance of 4.16 euros which has value because its break opens up a scenario of continued bullishness up to the area of ​​4.49 euros.

4) Neinor Homes: We will have to be attentive to what happens with the resistance of the 12 euros since it would generate a new buy signal with a target of 12.60 euros.

Evolution of values ​​under monitoring

Evolution of values ​​under monitoring
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