[Agricultural AI Featured Companies 9 Selections]Will Artificial Intelligence Realize Farmers’ Work Style Reform?

[Agricultural AI Featured Companies 9 Selections]Will Artificial Intelligence Realize Farmers’ Work Style Reform?

[Agricultural AI Featured Companies 9 Selections]Will Artificial Intelligence Realize Farmers' Work Style Reform?

Japanese agriculture has serious problems such as a declining and aging population. In order to solve these problems, the introduction of advanced technologies such as AI is progressing rapidly.

In this article, we will pick up and deliver the agricultural AI companies that are attracting attention.

From field patrol to pesticide spraying with “drone x agricultural AI”

Agriculture is said to be very compatible with drones that can fly freely over large fields. AI has been incorporated into the drone to analyze the growing situation and automatically spray pesticides.

Leaf color analysis AI service “Iroha”

“Iroha” is a service that allows you to grasp the growing situation of crops at a glance by taking a picture of the field from the sky with a drone. Analyze the image taken by the drone with AI andYield predictionHelp orPinpoint herbicide sprayingIt is possible to realize cost reduction with.

Especially in open field cultivation, the cultivation environment is greatly affected by the weather. Therefore, it was difficult to accurately grasp the growing status of crops, and it was necessary to spend time patrolling the fields.

But if you use “Iroha”Reduced field patrol timeNot only can it be better with a droneAccurate understanding of training statusWill be possible.

It seems that you can start with a free trial, so it seems good to try it once.

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OPTiM’s pinpoint pesticide spraying

OPTiM Corporation participates in the “Smart Agriculture Alliance” and is free of charge to producers who meet certain standards.Pinpoint pesticide spraying technologyIs provided.

With pinpoint pesticide spraying technologyDetect the outbreak of pests with a drone and spray the minimum necessary pesticidesWill be realized.

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China’s largest agricultural drone “XAIR CRAFT”

A state-of-the-art system that enables flight control and grasping the status of pesticide application is installed in the drone of China’s largest agricultural drone “XAIR CRAFT”.

With this systemAchieves fully automatic navigation and fully automatic sprayingTherefore, workers do not need to acquire special maneuvering skills.Utility poles, etc.Function to avoid obstaclesAI is used for.

I actually saw the drone at the exhibition, but it is about 1 meter wide because it is equipped with a tank for pesticides.

Unlike China, which has a large field in a wide plain, I am wondering if it is possible to fly smoothly even in Japan, which has many mountainous areas, but the appearance of drones flying in the field all at once is a masterpiece.

Manage the growing situation with remote monitoring, and predict the yield with AI

If the field is large, it is difficult to grasp the growing status of crops. AI analyzes the environmental data collected by various sensors to help you make the best work decisions. If full-scale introduction begins and a large amount of data is accumulated, we can expect improvements in accuracy and the addition of new functions.

Automatic control system for growing environment “Kureba Agri”

“Kureba Agri” has released an agricultural cloud service for agricultural experts using IoT + AI. Environmental data collected by various sensors such as CO2 sensor and temperature / humidity sensor is machine-learned on the cloud platform to determine the amount of water and sunshine.Automatic controlIt is a service to do.

The cloud service “Alibaba Cloud”, which has data centers in Japan and China, is used to manage the system of Kleba Agri. A mechanism in which a large amount of observation data, which is necessary to improve the accuracy of machine learning, is accumulated on the cloud.

This willRapidly expand production support know-how in Japan to ChinaI can do it. Climates, soils, and crop varieties change across countries, but will the day come when we will learn field environment data from around the world and become an agricultural advisor that AI can rely on?

Easy-to-operate field monitoring system “Midori Cloud”

“Midori Cloud” is a remote greenhouse environment monitoring system that allows you to check the environment inside the house, such as temperature and humidity, as well as CO2 concentration and soil moisture, at a glance. Using data analysis by AI in addition to normal monitoring,Harvest time forecast,Estimating the cause of pest outbreak,Improved yield prediction accuracyNew services such as are planned to be deployed.

The monitoring system Midori Cloud itself has already been introduced in large numbers, and from November 15, 2018, we will start providing data analysis services using AI. Therefore, data such as crop varieties, soil environment, and climate change acquired from farmers who use the green cloud are stored in the cloud.Climate, soil environment, and cultivated items are similarAbundant domestic dataThat is another advantage of the green cloud.

Disease prediction specialized monitoring system “Plantect”

Bosch has released “Plantect”, a remote monitoring system for the greenhouse environment that specializes in disease prediction.

Environmental data is measured by sensors installed in the house, and the risk of disease infection is reduced by an algorithm that makes full use of AI technology.92%And predict with fairly high accuracy.

By knowing in advance the risk that crops will be infected with the disease, pesticides can be sprayed before the disease occurs.Take measures without missing the timingYou will be able to. In addition, the number of crops to be discarded due to the disease will decrease, which is likely to lead to an increase in yield.

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Aiming to improve work efficiency by introducing agricultural AI tools

Many farmers find it difficult to introduce new technologies, but there are also AI tools that can improve work efficiency without significantly changing conventional work.

Pig weight estimation service “Digital Eye Intuition”

A service called “Digital Eye Intuition” is under development that allows you to estimate the weight of a pig simply by shooting it from above. Putting pigs on the scale one by one is a lot of hard work even for skilled workers, but if you use “digital intuition”,Weight estimation is completed in about 1 minute even for inexperienced peopleAnd that.

We have heard about the backside of development and the hardships of livestock farmers.

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inaho asparagus harvesting robot

Kamakura’s agricultural AI venture “inaho” is an asparagusAutomate harvesting with AI-equipped robotsWe are proceeding with efforts to do so.

In the future, it plans to support other vegetables that require “selective harvesting” such as cucumbers, eggplants, and peppers.

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Sorting and shipping of perilla with AI “Perilla harvesting work support robot”

Sinfonia Technology is developing a “perilla harvesting work support robot” that uses image recognition AI to sort out the size, front and back, and foreign substances of perilla. When you hear AI, you may think that it will be introduced by a large-scale farmer to improve work efficiency, but this robot isCan be installed by individual farmersis.

Since there is no need to significantly change the work flow that has been done so far, even farmers who are resistant to new technologies may have a lower mental hurdle to introduce AI.

Perilla is a special product of Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture. In collaboration with Toyohashi University of Technology,Community-based developmentIt may be one of the factors that farmers find it easy to accept.

Full-scale introduction of agricultural AI is yet to come. Expectations are high for future trends.

Currently, in the agricultural field, with IoTData accumulationIs progressing. There were many services that had not yet reached full-scale operation, but I felt that the introduction of AI into the agricultural field would surely progress in the future. If AI enters the labor shortage agricultural field,Big business effectIs born.

The introduction of agricultural AI is likely to have many challenges unique to the primary industry. However, it is the industries such as agriculture that seem to be difficult for new technologies to penetrate.The value of updating the entire industry with AI is greatBecome. The future is approaching where AI will solve the problems facing Japanese agriculture, such as the declining and aging population.

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