AI “Viv” that can recognize voice and “execute” is finally released as a demo! A serious AI secretary released by Siri developers

AI “Viv” that can recognize voice and “execute” is finally released as a demo! A serious AI secretary released by Siri developers


The new voice recognition AI “Viv” was demonstrated at TechCrunch Disrupt earlier.

It’s being developed by that Siri developer. Because of that, it was a big topic even before the demo was held.

I would like to introduce it together with the contents of the demo.

Crossing the app and acting for “execution”? !! Viv’s ability is incomparable to Siri

In this TechCrunch Disrupt, Viv developer Dag Kittlaus actually uses Viv

  • Check the weather
  • Give a flower to a person
  • Make a taxi reservation

We gave a demonstration such as.

In the “Check the weather” demo

“Will it be warmer than 70 ° near the Golden gate Bridge after 5PM the day after tomorrow?”

Viv responds to complicated questions such asReply after understanding the context firmlydoing. very.

There was previous information that it can handle more complicated inquiries than Siri, but that seems to be true.

Also, “Flowersgive“” Taximake a reservationIn the demoViv can be linked with other apps and can be executed from VivI showed that.

Without going back and forth between apps like SiriJust talk to Viv and you’re doneWhat a great user experience.

Even if you watch the video, you can see that the venue is also exciting with the contents of the demo.

Viv and Siri have very different development ideas

There are differences in performance, but the biggest difference seems to be the idea of ​​development.

Siri works as an app, whereas Viv“We are aiming for a mechanism that can be incorporated into apps created by developers.”yes. I’m too hungry. I don’t know the price form yet.

It seems that Google and Facebook have already called for acquisitions, but they are not considering a buyout of the company. You can see that we are developing products based on a strong belief.

It may become the overwhelming standard for voice recognition tools. is not it.

Is the era of “Hey Viv !!” coming?

Currently, there are people in the city who say “Hey Siri !!” or “OK Google” … maybe, but maybe a few. Even if you don’t do that, you can use the service without any problems, and since there are no other people doing it, it seems like “it may be convenient, but it’s usually embarrassing” comes first.

But this is built into every app as a feature, by voice recognition“Viv does it in the background without taking any action on its own”What if the times come … what will happen?

Perhaps app providers will adopt smarter, more localized shouts, and the overwhelmingly useful experience they gain may change our common sense.

If that happens, we may naturally use “Hey Viv” as a matter of course.

Now, what kind of service should you combine and what kind of service should you do? The official release is still ahead, but I’m excited from now on.

2016/10/06 postscript

viv has been acquired by Samsung. .. What will happen in the future?
>> Finally start? Samsung acquires “executive” assistant AI “viv” created by Siri developers