All classes such as machine learning are open for free, Dwango’s learning application “N prep school”

All classes such as machine learning are open for free, Dwango’s learning application “N prep school”

All classes such as machine learning are open for free, Dwango's learning application

Kadokawa Dwango Gakuen N High School (hereinafter referred to as N High School) and Dwango Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dwango) started free access to the company’s online learning application “N Preparatory School” on Sunday, March 1st.

In addition, we have started free support such as lectures and advice on how to distribute learning content for teachers who want to conduct online classes. We provide an environment that supports students and teachers.

Learn at home or anywhere

N Preparatory School is an online learning app that integrates lessons, teaching materials (workbooks and reference books), and a Q&A system, developed independently by Dwango and N High School. As long as you have an internet connection, you can study anywhere.

At N Preparatory School, it is possible to study the following courses.

  • University Entrance Examination Course (English, Mathematics, Japanese, Science, Social Studies)
  • Junior high school review course (English, mathematics, Japanese)
  • programming course
  • Web design course

The programming course includes a web application development course and an introductory machine learning course.

In addition, in online class implementation support for teachers, free lectures will be delivered to teachers who want to conduct classes online. The content of the lecture is mainly how to use the tools necessary for online classes, environment construction, etc. By making effective use of this system, it will be possible for teachers to conduct online classes that were previously conducted at school.

Flexible online education

On February 27, the government announced a request for school closures for elementary, junior high and high schools across the country, causing a series of voices of confusion on the Internet.

In the midst of this, on February 28th, it was announced that N Preparatory School would be open to the public free of charge, and many people on the Internet said that this swift decision-making was a “brave decision.” This is a measure that was made possible because online learning does not have paper media with physical restrictions.

No deadline has been set for the measures, but they are expected to last until the coronavirus pandemic subsides. It might be a good idea to take this opportunity to learn something new.

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