Altura Photo Professional Flash Kit with E-TTL Flash AP-C1001

wireless flash trigger

If there is a random pick to be made for a flash kit, then I would recommend the Altura Photo Professional Flash Kit. The kit is the best fit for your camera as it holds the features that will be giving you the best experience of photography with a flash unit.

I just bought it on the basis of a random selection. First, I thought I wasted my money but after using it, I realized that I stood corrected, I didn’t waste my money at all, rather I paid the best deal of a price for this exceptional kit.

The Altura Photo AP-C1001 Speedlite for Canon is a powerful special flash that gives you greater flexibility over the standard pop-up flash. With the wireless flash enable the feature, you can remove the flash from the camera to give your light a larger dimension and direction. Ideal for photographic portraits and ideal for large group photography, special events, and weddings.

This kit went very well to be called as a random selection for the camera but now that the selection had gone random, I would say that this was the best random selection I have ever made for anything in my life. It just blew me away and I still use this kit for photography. It does not disappoint me at all. Now let’s discuss some of the features of the kit:

It has got a very powerful flash with a guide number of 68(m). It comes with a dedicated flash that works in both the automatic and manual modes. There is a large and easy to read backlit display. There is a brilliant feature of off-camera flash capability and for that, it features a built-in optical sensor.

A superfast 4s recycling time and i love this feature very much. It contains a wireless flash trigger set with remote shutter function: You just simply slide the transmitter onto your camera’s hot shoe and your flash onto the included receiver.

Its operating distance is up to 30 meters (100 feet), flash sync speeds up to 1/250s and serves also as a wireless shutter release. It includes 1 transmitter, 1 receiver, a camera shutter trigger cable and batteries within the package. The point to be noted is that the trigger does not support the E-TTL mode and the flash does not support rear curtain and high-speed sync.


  • Well-made
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable tilt and swivel flash head
  • Efficient battery consumption
  • Nice Protective case
  • TTL works quite well
  • Not underpowered
  • Sold by a trusted retailer

  • Goes into standby mode a little fast
  • Bounce card occasionally becomes stuck when putting away
  • TTL does not always expose shots as well as it might on a higher end unit
  • A bit expensive but worth it

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