Apple iPhone 4

So, here we are with yet another improvisation from the leading company of Apple with its much awaited release – iPhone 4. We have had iPhone, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3Gs, and now we have the latest iPhone 4 that has hit the market and is creating a buzz. Is it really worth it to go for iPhone 4 by paying the big price for it, or is it wise to wait for some time and pick amongst the upcoming Android, Symbian phones from the market? Read on to know more.

Designed to Perfection

The main highlight is of course the design of the latest iPhone, it has shed its curves and switched to a more classy style by framing into a rectangular shape with a little bent over stainless steel edges.
The front has its traditional look of one single glass with a the round shaped button at the bottom, while the back is not curvy anymore and is flat and made of a hardened substance than  before to make it even more tougher.

Talking about the dimensions – the height measures up to 115.2 mm, width of 58.6 mm, and the best part being the thickness which is just 9.3mm thick overall and weighs just about 137g which makes it sweet to hold it in your palm while the external buttons along the panel are similar to iPhone 3Gs.

Awesome Display

Retina display, that’s the feature that iPhone 4 boasts off and claims that none other have it. It is a highly advanced feature that Apple has incorporated into the 3.5 inch wide multi-touch screen with 960 x 640 pixels and a picture density of 326px per inch which is four times the pixel resolution on the screen that cannot really be distinguished by the normal human eye. It sure gives you the best and sharper picture quality and also helps in reading text and articles even without having the need to zoom in.

Superior quality, be it for watching HD Videos, playing games or just viewing photos and working on professional software.


iPhone 4 comes with HD video recording that lets you record reality at high quality standards. HD video recording means that there is no need to carry and extra digital camera along with you.
You can also edit the video that you have taken right in the phone using software that is provided by Apple making things even easier.

You always want to capture those special moments in your life, that’s why Apple has the 5 megapixel camera with its 5x zoom that allows you to take clear pictures with the utmost detailed imagery with enhanced LED flashlight. Resolution of the camera in HTC Wildfire S is also the same with 5MP but the internal memory comes with only 512MB which is expandable with microSD upto 32GB.

While taking images, tap on the part of the image to focus on that area of the photo to be taken and the camera will automatically adjust its lens, to change the focus, just tap again. What more? Take self portrait pictures by using the front VGA camera to get those perfect display pictures for your favourite social networking sites.

iOS 4

iOS 4 is the anchor for Apple iPhone 4 as it way ahead in generations of Operating system that they have deployed when compared to other OS’s in any other phones. The simple yet insightful iOS that has been introduced by Apple makes the user more comfortable while switching between multiple applications and also does not reduce the speed of the phone at any instance. Using the plethora of apps that the App Store has to offer never got easier with its advanced iOS 4 even when you have to work with complicated apps such as iMovie, Face time etc.

Connectivity and Internet

Another new introduction into iPhone 4 is the ‘gyroscope’ which comprises of three-axis that will help in detecting pitch, roll and yaw. Wi-Fi has been made much faster than the previous version with an 802.11n.
Safari browser makes it an easy ride for you while browsing through the jungle of websites and loading videos on youtube and other similar websites.

Other Specs

The lithium-ion battery that powers iPhone 4 has become stronger and can hold on to a longer time be it talking on the phone, watching videos on youtube, or playing games.

Talk time

2G – around 14 hours
3G – around 7-8 hours
Play videos continuously for up to 10 hours and listen to music up to 35 hours.
Internet usage on 3G – up to 6 hours
WI-Fi- up to 10 hours
Stand by time of around 300 hours.

Inside the Box

Apple Earphones with remote control fixed with the cable to be able to receive and make the last call.
Dock Connector to USB cable
Power adapter – USB
Mobile phone Manual

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