Automatic talk for behavior monitoring? !! Possibility of multilingual chatbot customer service tool “zopim” without MA

Automatic talk for behavior monitoring?  !! Possibility of multilingual chatbot customer service tool “zopim” without MA

Automatic talk for behavior monitoring?  !! Possibility of multilingual chatbot customer service tool

I’m Nakamura.

I just introduced the free chatbot “Speaklyn” that supports multiple languages ​​the other day, but this time I will introduce the multilingual chatbot customer service tool “zopim” (Japanese site is here) that also has MA-like functions. Kana.

Being able to respond in real time to “users who do not do XX”

In short, a chat box that is used by embedding tags in the screen.What is it, this was triggered by the user’s behavior“Question function by bot”The web service tool “zopim” introduced this time is marked with.

I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t know much about it until recently, but it seems that I can do the following things.

* Zopim’s automatic talk trigger setting example

  • To the user who is on a specific page for ○ seconds, “Do you have any problems? The chatbot calls out
  • Immediate bot calls out to “people staying on the product page” for 1 minute or more
  • Lock repeaters who have come many times and start automatic talk according to the sequence

For users who did or did not take specific actions“Is it ○○? 』You can call out from here, and you can set the conditions quite flexibly.

Of course, various analysis functions are also implemented as standard.

Equipped with MA (marketing automation) tool-like functions, it can reach users in real time without the hassle of email, sales escalation, scoring, etc.

no longer“Why don’t you do XX? 』Even access analysis, which has become common sense to start from the hypothesis, is likely to change its meaning and role.

No, why didn’t I know until recently? I’m surprised.

Because it is an “artificial brainless type”, it can be used immediately in the field

By the way, the bot installed in zopim is not an AI (artificial intelligence) that thinks independently, but an artificial brainless. In other words, it is a type that throws a pre-registered word to the user when specific conditions are met.

In other words, the bot is in charge of the first voice part ⇒ Notify the management side when the user does something (App & Web) ⇒ From there, it feels like a human responds directly by chat.

Because there is no need for labor and time such as cooperation with the learned data API, scrutiny, and adjustment, which are absolutely necessary when operating with AI.The time to install in the field is quite shortI’m happy about that. (* Although it takes time and effort for humans to think about and set the talk script and trigger conditions, it is just a hassle and no special skills are required.)

SNS account linkage / email registration OK.SP support by default

The personal information requested from the user when using chat is also simple. Log in with SNS cooperation or email address ⇒ After having you participate in the chat, you can get other information in “in conversation”.

Both SP support and multilingual support are implemented by default, there is a free trial,The price starts from ¥ 3,780 per month.

No, what was the purpose of the mail form? This is completely unpleasant.

Is it likely to affect so-called “growth hacks” and “UX design”?

Until now, user psychology had no choice but to acquire and analyze data and make analogies. With the spread of these tools,It is possible to directly “listen” and “ask” the userIt has become.

Regardless of the flow line of the content (not much),User x botUser x operator There is direct communication between the two parties, and the user’s psychology and behavior are determined in that dialogue.

Perhaps the area of ​​growth hacks and UXD extends beyond UI-like stories to “talk script development and tuning,” and maybe.The object to be designed is not product-only, but communication itself (extremely practical)Move on to. It may be …

By the way, do you think this flow is scary? Do you find it interesting?

If you’re excited about it, it might be a good idea to try it out for the time being.

See you soon.

Source: zopim by zendesk (Japanese site)