“Corporate database” function added to AI utilization case search platform “eg” Open-β version

“Corporate database” function added to AI utilization case search platform “eg” Open-β version

From March 2, 2020 (Monday), Ledge added a corporate database function to the Open-β version of the AI ​​utilization case search platform “eg”.

With the addition of this function, it is now possible to view the data of the company that provided the technology in the example on eg. It also provides easy and quick access to other cases contributed by the company in question.

>> AI utilization case search platform “eg”

More convenient search with the addition of “corporate database function”

At the end of last year, Ledge released the Open-β version of “eg” as a database that allows you to search domestic and overseas AI-related project cases from various angles. The number of cases, which was 400 at the time of release in mid-November last year, has now exceeded 500 and is expected to reach 600 by the end of March.

For eg, we have established a lead line that allows companies that have posted case studies to complete inquiries for project consultation. The number of companies that can be contacted is also increasing, and we are proceeding with development so that it will be a “convenient site to see first if you want to start something using AI.”

What kind of company is the example company while using the Open-β version? We received a lot of feedback that it would be more convenient if we could understand up to now, and this time we have added a corporate database function.

Features of the corporate database function

The following items are collected and published in the corporate database.

  • Business description Representative name
  • Date of establishment
  • Corporate site URL
  • Head office location

In addition, the case studies of each company posted on eg are organized as “Cases of technology provision” and can be traced from the company page.

What is “eg”, a search platform for AI use cases?

eg is a search platform that comprehensively collects examples of AI utilization in Japan and overseas and provides easy-to-understand explanations. Users can search, view, and save case studies for free, as well as make inquiries to companies that post cases.

Case studies can be broadly narrowed down by three factors: industry, application, and technology, allowing users to quickly find the case they are looking for.

Features of eg

  • Free of charge
  • No. 1 in Japan for the number of cases (*In-house research)
  • Searchable by combining industry, application, and technology
  • It is also possible to inquire about the companies listed in the case studies from eg (*only for some companies who have received permission)
  • Clip function that allows you to save your favorite cases
  • Share button that allows you to share the case page as it is
  • Company database where you can quickly browse companies that have provided technology ←New!

When a company considers the use of AI, it often starts by looking for examples of leading companies. However, until now, there have been few cases of AI utilization in the first place, and the number has not been exhaustive. .

Even if you find an individual case, it is difficult to understand because it is difficult to understand. It took time and effort.

In eg, based on the needs of such AI personnel, we unify the posting examples into one format. In addition, search work can be performed on a single platform, and by making it possible to search on the three axes of industry, application, and technology, it greatly contributes to reducing the burden of searching for cases.

AI utilization case search platform “eg”