Galaxy Watch 3 Review

The Galaxy Watch 3 is the second wearable to carry the Galaxy Watch brand name. It comes into more explicit focus if you remember the 2016 Gear S3, which was the first to combine the circular design and rotating bezel of the prior years.

Samsung has maintained the same design language while pulling off a familiar feat in consumer tax equals.

The display is Larger than its forerunners.

While the casing is thinner, narrower, and lighter, sure, we’re talking millimeters and grams here, but on a product that lives on your wrist, every little bit helps the old flat.

Good pushers have replaced customizable side keys while the other now carries this fun slight branding accent.

If you have notifications waiting, an orange badge hovers over the 9:00 o’clock position. and you can either swipe it over on the touch screen. Click the bezel to see what messages have come Over from your phone.

If you need to respond From your wrist, as on wear OS. you have the option of either dictating a message with your voice or temps and going an extra step and gives you the option of using T9 to do it as well.

This is a much smarter use of space on such a small screen, and for those of us who still have T9 muscle memory from a decade of texting on numeric dumb phones, it’s an awesome option.

Check the spec sheet, and you won’t find it, but there’s nothing here that jumps out, is critically lacking, but even taking a closer look at the battery, there’s no reason for concern 340 milliamp hours is in line with the capacities of wear OS. Competitors like the Moto 360 and Scoggin Foster 3.

Now you can also leave your charger at home with the Watch 3, but only if you bring along a Samsung phone with wireless power share, which is really finicky Where you put the watch

you can buy the Galaxy Watch 3 here

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