How is it actually? I asked the people inside about the reaction and effect after introducing the relux bot

How is it actually? I asked the people inside about the reaction and effect after introducing the relux bot

How is it actually? I asked the people inside about the reaction and effect after introducing the relux bot

Good morning, this is Iino.

Thankfully, the relux bot article I published the other day was a tremendous response, but this timePeople insideWe interviewed Mr. Miyashita, an executive officer of Loco Partners, and Mr. Furuta, a technical manager.

The effects and reactions after the introduction of chatbots, the story behind the strategy and development in the first place, etc. I’ve heard a lot.

Easy introduction of relux bot

Behind the scenes of introducing real business with Facebook Messenger bot, which has few domestic cases. How was it?

I wondered if the access was more than I expected and I was under attack


-Immediately, what are the effects and impacts of introducing Messenger Bot?

After the release of the chatbot, there was much more access than expected, and I was surprised.Was there a bug in the program? Are you being attacked from somewhere?And so on …

Originally, the conductor of the message to the FB page was not drawn, so it seems that there were only a few messages to the FB page in a month.But howThousands of accesses (messages to chat) came in one day on the first day of releaseI mean.

Well, that means that the first day of release is more than usualThere were tens of thousands of times more access to MessengerThat’s the calculation …! I don’t think all access is due to Ledge’s article, but I’m sorry for the inconvenience. .. ..

It was difficult for the concierge to respond (laughs) Well, this is a good idea … Thank you for picking it up!

Currently, the number of accesses has settled down from the first day, but after that, you continue to receive messages via bot every day. From there, there are many cases where not only reservations but also consultations with the concierge are possible.


Users who have reached a contract via the conciergeHigh repeat rateIt seems that there is also data that this measure is producing a great effect.

Travel products handled by relux are expensive, and considering the high repeat rate in the first place, this is … yes. Maybe it’s a pretty good measure …

We have decided to “take the first step” for the advanced service

-What kind of background and motivation did you have when introducing bots?

Originally not a bot,[email protected]I’m doing a concierge service at. Numerical values ​​such as CVR were also good.
Since LINE has achieved such good results, it was a natural flow to try it with FB Messenger.

When I went a little deeper and asked,Chat has about 3 times higher CVR than emailI mean. You said that the casual and speedy exchanges peculiar to chat are definitely connected to CVR.

Even people who don’t want to make a phone call will feel free to consult with us if they are chatting, and by lowering the hurdles,Great effect in acquiring new customersThere seems to be.

Also, from the culture rooted in the company, it seems that the introduction of bots was inevitable in a sense.

Oh, and at Loco PartnersWe have decided to “get the first in the prior art”That’s right. Why should I actually try it?I don’t really understand, and above all, I’m doing it when I can use new technology.They are funThat’s right.


It’s too cool to say that I’ve decided …

Besides, in FB advertisement etc.Incorporated 360-degree video earlyCurrently, he is thinking about how to use VR and SnapChat. Above all, Mr. Furuta himself talked very happily, so I listened with a big nod.

The relux content and 360-degree video go really well together. When I see it, I want to go there.

No sound from FB for 2 weeks.If you apply again, it will pass in 2 days

-When did you start development and how long did it take?

The original story started around April. From that time on, I was designing and making Echolalia bots.

The study started seriously from the beginning of May, and from that point on, I worked alone in about two weeks, soAbout 0.5 man-months as man-hoursIs not it. The current program was ready at the end of May,The problem was the examination of bots on FBIt was.


It took quite a while. Was it about two weeks? It was so late that I got angry from the public relations (laughs)
That’s right. I haven’t heard from the FB side for two weeks …
If you withdraw the application once and apply again, the nextI went there in 2 daysThat’s right.

I applied for it on Friday night, but it was morning in American time, so maybe it’s important to match that time? I thought.


If you feel like it, you can make it in about 0.5 man-monthsIt’s a mon … And although it is unclear how long it will take to apply, MessengerBot,Examination passes in 2 days at the earliestWhen.

This is a good story.

In fact, I often hear that I applied for FB Messenger Bot but did not receive a reply, or that I was repeatedly rejected.

If you haven’t heard from us within a few days of applying, you may get some reaction when you apply again like relux. If there is still no response, it is one way to try it in time with the time in the United States.

Service to connect with people

-I think there are still some points that are difficult to use, but are there any plans for future enhancements?

actually,The bot interrupts the conversation while talking to the conciergeThere is a problem … It has been decided that such clearly useless points will be dealt with immediately.

But how far do you want the bot to look like? Regarding that point, I don’t think it is necessary to make much of it. We have a concierge.

To be honest, I didn’t think about reducing the man-hours of the concierge or automating it.Anyway, expand the service front to new customersThat is the main purpose of introducing bots.

It’s just a role as a hub to the concierge behind it.


I see…….The current flow of bots“If you have a bot, you don’t need people.”It tends to be in the wrong direction.

relux does not make the bot itself smarter because it has absolute confidence in the concierge.Focus on “connecting with people using bots”You can do it.


  • Seeing the introduction of bots as a measure to acquire users
  • The bot is just a hub for connecting with people who are waiting behind

This bot strategy adopted by Loco Partners is actually the opposite of the current mainstream (mainly cost cutting and personnel reduction). However, I thought that it was a strategic model that was surprisingly easy to use for other companies.

Loco Partners is quick to get started with the latest technology. I would like to keep an eye on Ledge as well.

Thank you, Mr. Miyashita and Mr. Furuta, for your busy schedule!