I don’t need the inquiry form anymore.Free multilingual chat box “Speaklyn” is dangerous

I don’t need the inquiry form anymore.Free multilingual chat box “Speaklyn” is dangerous

I don't need the inquiry form anymore.Free multilingual chat box

hello. This is Iino.

An inquiry form that is necessary for almost all sites and is often troublesome because it is directly connected to CVR.

  • It’s a point of contact with users, and I recognize that it’s very important.
  • However, if you use an external service, the price is high, and there are many things that do not support other languages.
  • Then, if you think that you will make it yourself, it will take a lot of time to design.
  • If you make it anyway, you want user information firmly, but if there are many items, the withdrawal rate will increase

Toka Toka.

From the user’s point of view, it’s just a hassle. Nobody enjoys filling out forms.

It’s a little scary to repeat improvements using EFO tools and AB test tools because the cost is tremendous.

I think that such troubles can be solved at once,【free】I have found a chat inquiry service.

Directly connected to the corporate FB page! Free & multilingual embedded chat box “speaklyn”

Clicking the speaklyn button

This. It’s a service called speaklyn, but this is whatEmbed a messenger for your company’s Facebook page into your pageThat’s right.

The release is still in March 2016, but it’s a strangely good concept why it hasn’t been talked about.

It is said that this year will definitely be the year of the chat platform, and I think this kind of thing will become popular in the future.

Setting is completed in just 3 steps

No complicated settings are really necessary.How this speaklyn

  • Create an account on the site
  • Enter page information.Decide the button design etc.
  • Paste the displayed code into your page

RoughlyInstall messenger on page in 3 stepsI can do it.

speaklyn setting screen

The number of items is small like this, and there are already some options for the design part.

Since the preview is displayed in real time, you can check the atmosphere while playing with it.

Screen example of speaklyn embed code

If you combine it with a chatbot

The embedded chat box service itself is a little existing, but it depends on the cost, data retention period, number of users, etc.There are various restrictionsThat’s right.

In that respect, speaklyn runs on FB messenger, so it seems that there are no major functional restrictions, but rather it will be expanded more and more in the future.Can be combined with messenger functionalityThat is the biggest excitement point.

For example, combine speaklyn and FB messenger bot to automate Q & A correspondence.

Actually, there is already an example of this, and IBM watson is incorporated in the QA service on the LINE official account of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ. Great times.

A chat platform that had a strong image for private contact until a while ago. However, now is the time when it is used in business as a matter of course.

This year is also called the first year of chatbots, and I have to catch up with this kind of news to miss it.

Postscript: When the UI of the smartphone version is not so delicate

Actually, this tool is not compatible with smartphones at this stage. So if you want to implement it in SP right now, you can be smart by applying the following styles.

[css]@media screen and (max-width: 640px) {
#widget .sl-widget-box__button {
min-width: 30px! important;
min-height: 10px! important;
line-height: 1! important;
padding: 3px 7px 8px! important;
opacity: .7! important;
bottom: 10px! important;
-webkit-border-radius: 4px! important;

2016/5/18 postscript

  • Smartphone design support
  • Solved class batting problem with other FB plugins

There was an update called! good. It will be even easier to use.