I want to go! AI-linked AR application development platform “Blippar”

I want to go!  AI-linked AR application development platform “Blippar”

I want to go!  AI-linked AR application development platform

good morning. This is Onodera.

Suddenly, Pokemon Go. It’s really popular! Nintendo and Apple’s stock prices have skyrocketed, and the government has alerted Pokemon Go users. It has a great influence on all areas.

One of the features is that it uses AR.The AR area is likely to get even more excited with this opportunity.is.

So, this time, I will introduce “Blippar”, an application that allows you to easily create AR by yourself. “Blippar” itself hasn’t been released recently, but it may be refocused in the future.

Information that cannot be seen in reality just by holding it over

Blippar is an app that provides users with information that is invisible in reality. Released in 201165 million users worldwideIt seems that it is fairly famous because it is used by.

It’s going to be long to explain, so watch the video below.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (3)

Looking at the cherry blossoms through Blippar like this, detailed explanations of the cherry blossoms, etc.It provides users with information that cannot be obtained just by looking at it.

Also, if you look at the ingredients on Blippar, you can see the nearest supermarket that sells the ingredients, nutritional ingredients, and recipes. It’s quite versatile.

If you have Blippar, you can find something you don’t know or have never eaten at your travel destination.You can look it up without knowing the nameSo it’s convenient, isn’t it?

Looking at the real-time image recognition, it seems that AI is running behind.

There is also a function to create AR from the app!It’s pretty easy to make

The great thing about this app is that you can create your own AR. Speaking of preset videos, games, and AR! You can also add 3D information like that.

I made an “AR that plays videos” myself, so I will explain the procedure briefly.

First, after registering as a member from here, open Blippar and select the original image.

Screenshot 2016-07-22 14.01.50

After that, just drag and drop the content you want to make AR on the creation screen. That’s it. Anyone can do it without any programming knowledge.

When I looked at the created image with Blippar, the video that was properly embedded was played.

The possibilities of Blippar are endless

There are already many examples of using Blippar.

  • Put it in a strap ad and show the ad video to the user
  • Put a self-introduction video on your business card
  • Video of a message to a friend on a postcard

etc. It seems that it can be widely used depending on the idea.

In the field of education, it seems that information is embedded in textbooks with Blippar and used.
use blippar

If you look at the image above with Blippar, you will see a 3D volcano. It’s a great experience to see a volcano three-dimensionally, which you could only see in two dimensions. It seems that the curiosity of the students can be further stimulated by embedding videos of historical events. I feel that my understanding will increase.


Up to now, we have introduced overseas cases, but there are also cases in Japan. It was used in the women’s fashion magazine “ELLEgirl” in March 2016. When you look at a magazine through Blippar, you can see the model in 3D, you can see the interview video, etc.A new type of magazine that makes full use of ARIs provided.

Similar cases may increase in the future.

Is marketing using AR from now on?

As I introduced, Blippar is already used for various purposes, but it seems that there are still many ways to use it.

Make information about historic buildings available in Blippar, and restaurant menus in Blippar. Since it is easy to handle foreign languages, it seems to be compatible with the service to tourists.

It’s easy to make by yourself, so you can feel free to try it for a while. The hurdle seems to be low.

In the future, I hope that there will be more and more cases of changing the experience while using AR technology.

Well then.