I want to know now.Chatbot business model summary

I want to know now.Chatbot business model summary

I want to know now.Chatbot business model summary

Good morning, this is Onodera.

The topic of chat bots is constant.Not only is it popular these days, but with the introduction of bots

  • We were able to reduce costs such as labor costs
  • CVR went up greatly

I’ve come to hear about business achievements.

However,bot business modelThere is almost no information about it.

This time, there was an article about “7 business models of chat bot” (the title is super-translation), so I will summarize it from the viewpoint of Onodera, including the contents of the original article.

table of contents

  • Charge bot service
  • Charges are incurred only for using the bot service
    • Make frequently used services into bots
    • Billing model according to the amount of conversation
  • Use the information obtained from the bot for lead generation
  • Monetize with advertising operations
    • Sponsored ads and native ads in chat
    • Affiliate ads in chat
  • EC site with bot

Charge bot service


The simplest is“Pay for bot service”Business model. It is an image that you will be charged a usage fee when you introduce it to a company, or on a yearly or monthly basis.

Most bots are provided free of charge in Slack, but the number of paid bots is gradually increasing. This trend of charging is likely to continue in the future.

As an idea, it may be easier to think of replacing the existing service with a bot.

Charges are incurred only for using the bot service


It’s similar to the model I introduced before, but the difference is that you don’t have to pay a fixed fee, but you only have to pay for what you use.

I think this model can be divided into two, so I will introduce them separately.

Make frequently used services into bots

For example, if you prepare a bot that can perform a two-choice questionnaire, you can lend them to companies and users who want to take a questionnaire.Business of receiving a usage fee of 〇〇 yen each timeI can.

I don’t need to use the questionnaire system, but I want to know which one is better with two simple choices … The need seems to be unexpectedly high. With bots, you can do a lot of research at low cost and at high speed.

Kik, which is very popular with young people overseas, already uses this kind of questionnaire bot.

Not limited to questionnaires, analysis should be easy if the usage is decided in detail.Make the analysis function available as a setMay be good.

Billing model according to the amount of conversation

Users pay for good service. For example, if there is a bot that gives accurate advice when you talk about romance, users will pay even if the model is charged according to the amount of conversation.

By linking with AI, bots can not only accumulate the data of consultations they have received, but also utilize them, and the more they consult, the more accurate advice they will give. Creating a consulting bot that specializes in a certain field may not be so difficult.

It’s difficult to talk to others, but if you’re a bot partner …There seems to be quite a few cases. Actually, there are many things that are naive for each consultation.

It is said that AI lawyers have also started to move, and it may be quite a main model.

Use the information obtained from the bot for lead generation


Chat bots can take user information from the contents of conversations.ThatThe information itself is also very valuableright. You should also be able to trade information.

For example, create a bot for collecting information and get information from conversations such as age, occupation, and annual income. It feels like you will be charged when you give that information to the company that needs it.

Of course, when passing information from a bot, it is necessary to get permission from the user, but companies can contact potential customers based on that data.

Also, since users are a little interested when they are allowed to pass information, they will be able to contact promising customers when they have a lot of information.

Before lead nurturing, you can tell if it’s a hot leadYou may think that. It seems to be of great value.

Monetize with advertising operations


It seems that FB also prepares advertisements in Messenger, but I think that chat is very attractive as an advertisement placement destination. Due to the nature of chat, I feel that it is more effective than conventional advertisements.

The original article introduced two types of business models, so I will introduce them separately.

Sponsored ads and native ads in chat

There are various methods of native advertising, but if it is a bot that delivers news content such as TechCrunch bot, is it an image that ads are naturally run along with the delivery of articles?

Chat UIAdvertisements can be displayed naturally in a simple UITherefore, it seems that the effect can be expected greatly.

Affiliate ads in chat

Of course, you should be able to put the familiar affiliate ads in the chat.

Since each bot should provide specialized services in a certain field, it is possible to display advertisements that are more interesting to users.

It may be close to the appearance of people who are chat-only affiliates.

EC site with bot


If you own the product, you can also do EC with a bot.

Overseas, such a bot service specializing in EC sites has already been announced. It’s still before β.

Is it easy to connect to CVR by using chat, which lowers the user’s psychological hurdle? There is a story, so it may be more effective than the conventional EC sites.

However, it may be difficult to use depending on the scale of the product. I got the image that it would be effective if the products handled to some extent were narrowed down.


There are still few examples now, so the original article contains quite a few predictive parts, but if you summarize it like this, your thoughts will be organized. Of course, I don’t think the items listed here are all.

If people can monetize well even if they try to make it somehow, I would like to develop it in the future! I think that the number of people will increase and more and more ideas will come out.

Personally, I’m curious about the operation of advertisements in chat. Not only FB Messenger, but also other major chat apps, the environment for advertising operation should be improved soon.

I will continue to follow the information.

See you soon.

SOURCE: Seven Business Models That Bot Makers Will Have The Opportunity To Leverage & Redefine