iPad 2021 Review

Design on Ipad 2021

iPad 2021
iPad 2021
iPad 2021

Ipad 2021 has a 10.2-inch display in the front. The display is decent. It gets bright enough that you can read it in some outdoor environments if you’re in the shade. But if you’re in bright light, it’s going to be hard to see this display.

On the bottom we have that touch ID fingerprint sensor slash button, so it is your home button. I know some people love a home button. And one benefit here is that while you do have the button gestures, so like double pressing lets you switch between windows, you can also make the swipe gestures on the display itself. So if you’re used to your phone doing that, doing that on this tablet, it transfers very nicely.

On the right side we have volume buttons which control of course the speakers which are only located on the bottom rather than having a top and bottom speaker set up only on the bottom is a little bit of a drawback. And that’s kind of the first drawback I want to talk about with this device as uses changed for this, more and more people are using this as maybe a way to get on video calls.

And having a top and bottom speaker would be a lot nicer and so you can better hear the other people you’re talking to. So the lack of powerful speakers on the top and bottom and instead of only having the speakers in the bottom does kind of limit you if you’re listening to music or watching videos.


Ipad 2021 haven't changed the port to usb-c
Ipad 2021 haven’t changed the port to usb-c

They haven’t changed the port on this one to USBC. This is still using a lightning port, which we’ve been seeing for a very long time. And I know we still use it on the iPhones. But every other tablet out there every other phone out there. Chromebooks literally every device out there charges with USB type C so I think it would make sense if Apple’s making a cheap device like this to give people a port that they already have cables for.


nothing different on design of ipad 2021
nothing different on design

you can see that the device looks really similar, very similar design similar operating system. But they changed some things internally. So for starters, we no longer have a base storage of 32 gigabytes instead it’s 64.

And of course you can boost that up to 256. If you want a little bit more storage on here, but 64 I think is a welcomed improvement for budget users, that should be more than enough for a lot of people.

Secondly, you do have a more powerful processor on here and the a 13 bionic, as I mentioned, it’s not the newest one out there. But it’s still very powerful and very efficient, and should give you a really long lifespan for this device with a great experience on here.

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