iPhone 13 & 13 Pro- 3 BIG Upgrades

What’s new

So the headline upgrades across the board for the 13 series include brighter screens, although only the Pro Series has the new promotion at 120 hertz, a slightly smaller notch, it’s about 20% smaller, a whole new range of colors. Although sadly, no lavender or Pacific blue ba 15 chip.

What's new on iphone 13
What's new on iphone 13
What's new on iphone 13
iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini have chips that are faster than the competition. But the pro and pro max have the fastest chip ever in a smartphone. And that’s because the pro models have an extra GPU core. It’s a five-core GPU rather than four-core in the 13 and 13 minutes. So a little bit faster. The layout of the cameras on the 13 and 13 Mini have the two lenses on our diagonal rather than on top of each other, which is not the most significant change but a slight visual difference.

So you can identify the new models, we also get improved cameras across the board with bigger pixel sizes, so it lets more light in. Therefore hopefully, we should see a much better low light performance. Also, all iPhone 13 get the sensor-shift OBS, which previously was exclusive to the 12 Pro max. But even the Mini has that now.

Cinematic mode on iphone 13

matic mode  on iphone 13

We’re also getting this very fancy new cinematic mode, which does seem quite attractive as it automatically shifts focus between subjects, or you can do it manually. And also, I think exclusive to the Pro Series. You can adjust the focus and the bokor after you’ve taken the video, which is pretty crazy on a smartphone. The Pro Series can also now shoot 4k 30 Prores, but going back to that cinematic mode and, in the sort of TNCs about it, it is limited to 10 ATP 30, which isn’t 4k. So obviously, that is a bit of a compromise. But it will be exciting to see just how smart that autofocusing is. And if it’s worth using because just like all the other pro video modes on pretty much every other firm we’ve seen Kool-Aid, they’re not something I’ve ever actually ended up using. But hopefully, this will be different.


Price of iphone 13

Same price across the board. No price increases, which is surprising given that we have a chip shortage, and there are many rumors that Apple had to pay more for the silicon but is not being passed on to us. So same prices as the iPhone 12 series, which is great to see, and a new one terabyte storage option.
The most significant upgrade with a 13 series, I think, is the battery life. And if any of you guys have used an iPhone 12 Mini, the battery life is a bit rubbish. So even adding an extra hour and a half to that will make a bit of a difference.

Camera on iphone 13

Camera of iphone 13
Camera of iphone 13
Camera of iphone 13

So Apple spent a lot of time talking about the cameras, and I think that is one of the most exciting upgrades that we all look forward to when across the board. We should be looking at, as I say, better low-light performance. But there are a couple of other upgrades, including the fact that the ultra-wide lens can now double as a macro so you can get super close to subjects. Also, just with the quality of the iPhone cameras genuinely, this could be the best macro camera we’ve seen outside of the actual sort of microscope lens that we had on the Oppo find x v Pro. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is that with a telephoto lens, we’re still getting a three times optical zoom. So from the ultra-wide up to the telephoto, there is six times zoom Essential. The new photography styles give you a little bit of control over how the photos come out without just having to take an average photo and then put a filter on it.
You can switch between sort of standard and vibrant modes and get a different style. And hopefully, we do see these expanded or maybe even more customization added later on.


new creen on iphone 13

I know it’s a foolish thing to say. But it’s one of the reasons that I haven’t switched over to the iPhone yet. But once you have gone to 90 or 120 hertz, going back to 60, along with the pretty long animations that you get an iPhone, it does feel a bit slow, in my opinion. So I can’t wait to get my hands on the 120-hertz promotion. And the fact that it goes from 10 to 120. And it will dynamically adjust based on what’s on-screen and how you’re using it means like the LTP o panels that we get on something like the s 20 or ultra, the fact that it can go down to 13, even 10 hertz, depending on what you’re doing may improve battery life over the standard 60 hertz that we had before. The question is, though, when I come to do a big battery test, am I going to have them all at 60 hertz, just because the 13 and the 13 Mini are still like 60. Or Finally, can I set them all to their default high refresh modes? Like I think they should be because that’s how people use them. But then I get told off for doing.

USB Type C.

there’s no switch to USB C, which is not something we expected. There were, of course, rumors about Apple eradicating the poor, which maybe they will do next year, assuming the MagSafe ecosystem takes off a bit more than it has so far. But when you consider the only iPad remaining, there’s still uses a lightning port is the cheapest base model, even the iPad Mini has USBC, which they made into a prominent feature and a bit of a selling point.
The fact that the iPhones or the brand new iPhones still use lightning is a bit frustrating. It’s not the end of the world for a lot of people who you know wirelessly charge. They upload everything through airdrop anyway. So it’s less of a big deal than it used to be. But come on, give me USBC. So even if there is no significant revolutionary upgrade with the 13 series.

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