Is bot a ryokan concierge?Accommodation reservation service relux introduces Facebook Messenger Bot

Is bot a ryokan concierge?Accommodation reservation service relux introduces Facebook Messenger Bot

Is bot a ryokan concierge?Accommodation reservation service relux introduces Facebook Messenger Bot

SOURCE: First-class inn / hotel reservation site relux launches “relux Travel Bot” on Facebook Messenger

A chatbot has been introduced as a messenger on the official FB page of relux, a reservation site for top-class inns and hotels.

What kind of effect does the introduction of bot have? What does it mean to be introduced by a major company? I would like to introduce this news with some consideration.

What is the accommodation reservation service “relux” in the first place?

relux top page

In a nutshell, a membership-based accommodation reservation site that carefully selects only “first-class inns and first-class hotels.” How many likes on the FB pageOver 500,000.. It is a famous service that is quite popular.

Having a concierge service is one of the reasons, for example.

  • I want to stay at an inn with a view of the sea on an anniversary with a loved one
  • I want to stay at an inn where I can experience extraordinary experiences while traveling alone


Location, price, request“Professionals will receive fluffy consultation”This service was also a feature. Well, what happened with the introduction of bots? I actually tried using it for a while.

The real effect that I found after using it

So, here is the video I actually used.


The conversation progresses with a fairly light feeling, including the tone, and even suggests an inn.

To be honest, I felt that the reservation and experience from the website did not change much, but there was one big change.At the end of chatting“Consult Concierge” button appearsThat’s right.


When you press the “Consult Concierge” button, you’ll be chatting (probably with information from a conversation with your bot).You can chat with the actual concierge as it isIt has become like.

So, as you can see by actually using it,I push it very naturallyI think that. this.

It doesn’t look like a big deal, but this is what it used to be

  1. Search on the web
  2. View search results
  3. Choose
  4. view the details
  5. Search and check / examine further

  6. After all, I didn’t get a pinch (I couldn’t find it), so I consulted with the concierge.

In a flow like this, it existed somehow“5” ⇒ “6” psychological hurdles have been removed cleanlyThat’s right.

Since I use FB messenger as a platform, I don’t have to log in every time, and this is quite good.Maybe it will be a new trend of EC?I have thought about it.

Will it eventually work with AI?

The relux service has declared that it will focus on improving the search function in the future. Improving the search function on the bot … When it comes to artificial intelligence, isn’t it?Then nowTransferring the work done by the concierge to the artificial intelligence botThe flow of … seems natural.

It is available 24 hours a day, and there are no education costs, labor costs, maintenance costs, etc.

This introduction is the first step, and maybe there will be such a view in the future. I’m curious. I’m very worried. How much is it actually used? How satisfied are you? Did the concierge’s effort decrease or increase?

If you are looking at the person in charge, please let me know. Please.

When should we finally consider introducing it in earnest …?maybe

This measure has just been released, and although I don’t know the details, it seems to have a considerable effect in terms of labor costs and marketing costs.

How effective was it as a means of efficiently connecting with users connected on the FB page? I would like to continue to cover.

Even at present, it can be used immediately from the relux FB page, so it may be a good idea to actually use it and proceed with the introduction study.

There are still few examples of FB Messenger bot being used in business in Japan, so I think it will be helpful.

See you soon.

6/24 postscript

I was able to actually go to the interview at a later date.
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