Is NoUI finally mainstream? IMJ starts full-scale consulting service for utilizing owned bots

Is NoUI finally mainstream? IMJ starts full-scale consulting service for utilizing owned bots

Is NoUI finally mainstream? IMJ starts full-scale consulting service for utilizing owned bots

SOURCE: IMJ starts customer experience consulting through BOT

Even in Japan, business cases using bots are gradually appearing. However, there is still a lack of knowledge and know-how in the industry, so there may be companies that are interested but find it difficult to get involved.

Meanwhile, there was an announcement that IMJ will start a bot consulting service, so on the IMJ FB page that was released in conjunction with the announcementDigital marketing consultation bot “Philip-kun”Let’s introduce together.

Maybe the first in the country? Bot consulting service officially launched


I definitely want to create a bot service! It is easy to imagine that the number of such companies will increase in the future, but in terms of how to develop artificial intelligence and the creation of UX, there are still few examples of bots, so know-how is required.

It seems that this time it will be releasedA service that provides consulting support in areas such as know-howIt looks like

It seems to support the approach of creating a simple service with a small start and growing the bot step by step. It takes manpower and time to raise the artificial intelligence itself, and it feels like it’s expected to have a focus.

As for the platform for consulting that I am interested in, not only Facebook Messenger and LINE, but alsoPepper and Amazon Echo are also includedThat’s right.

Voice-interactive interfaces such as Amazon Echo and Google Home are likely to penetrate the market more and more in the future, and I’m glad that we can easily discuss expansions.

For example, it might be possible to create a Facebook Messenger app first, and if the user reaction is good, extend it to Pepper and use it in a face-to-face service at a store.

Simultaneous release of digital marketing consultation bot “Philip-kun”


As a specific example of the consulting service announced this time, IMJ has released a FB Messenger bot called “Philip-kun”.

Since it is a service that accepts digital marketing consultations for companies on FB Messenger, the target is likely to be the person in charge of digital marketing at each company.

This service itself is also installed in IMJ’s receptionist Pepper, and it seems that it is also appealing that Pepper can also develop bots.

It seems that there are three functions, so I will introduce each in a little more detail.

Scoring the degree of utilization of digima tools and data


A function that allows bots to use the original service called DMIQ.

I was asked a question about the company’s data utilization situation, so when I answered,Digima utilization is scoredThey say they will.

The standard points of other companies are also displayed, so you can reconfirm your company’s standing position. I guess perhaps.

SNS account operation status diagnosis


It also has a function that diagnoses the operation status of the company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you enter the name of the account you want to check, it will quantify the operation status and analyze issues.

Since you can diagnose not only your own account but also the accounts of other companies, this seems to be convenient.

Introducing related articles from IMJ article site Backyard


This is like the Tech Crunch bot and the bot made with BOT TREE for MEDIA that I introduced before, and if you throw a keyword you want to know to the bot, it will introduce related articles.

Articles are searched from IMJ’s news media Backyard. It is a standard (?) function of common bots, but it seems that it is designed to be easy to use, such as implementing commands such as trends.

The era of No UI by owned bots is finally coming…maybe?

The recent bot rush and the support services launched by IMJ this time may be a turning point for the “No UI” trend that was said to be coming.

It’s still only a small beginning as a business, but if this trend accelerates

“There is no such thing as an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use UI for anyone”
“Then let’s use it while talking.”

Such a change in perspective is reached, and ideas and options are chosen by many companies as a matter of course.

Isn’t such a future not far away? It may be said that it is a release that makes you feel. (Isn’t that a little exaggerated?)

Well then.