Last year vs. CV 160%! ??HOUSECOM’s AI & chat strategy that created a new user experience

Last year vs. CV 160%!  ??HOUSECOM’s AI & chat strategy that created a new user experience

Last year vs. CV 160%!  ??HOUSECOM's AI & chat strategy that created a new user experience

It’s already becoming commonplace“Chat migration to user communication”Flow of.

I was surprised at the news release that flowed at the tip of my eyes, saying that the introduction to the industry majors, which were originally non-IT, would be a long way off.

HOUSECOM (JASDAQ3275) has released a chat function for users “My Box” and a rainy day “AI Property Search”. It is already in operation and has produced considerable results.

Somehow …

Originally, I was a client who was involved in the growth measures of the Web, so I talked to him a little.

Interviewer: Kenta Nakamura

A revolution in the new communication tool “My Box” that produced an out-of-order effect

It was Mr. Tamura himself who responded to the sudden request for coverage this time.

In addition, Mr. Adachi, the director of the Service Innovation Office, who was recently established, was also present … I was a little surprised at the appearance of a strange luxury pair, but I asked him what he was interested in.

-Suddenly, the introduction of the first chat function “My Box”. How effective is it actually?

It’s really sudden (laughs) It was quite a challenging measure for HOUSECOM, but it’s not bad, including the actual numbers and reactions inside and outside the company.

In fact, the numbers have improved considerably compared to the same month last year.

For many years, the time and effort required to complete the process from inquiries from the website to the actual contract … was an issue, but this has improved significantly.

The numbers I was told were quite surprising (although they may be a little more popular).

I’ve listed them below, but … this is amazing.

  • Of the inquiring userUsed by about half of usersis doing
  • Final conversion increase rate is about 115% -120%About
  • The number of exchanges themselves has increased,About half the number of days until closingTo

In fact, it took about two weeks on average to take “inquiry” ⇒ “email exchange (sales phase)” ⇒ “closing”.

Using my boxCommunication with users who could communicate by chat is about one weekWhenDrastic decrease..

In terms of flow, the “sales phase” part is replaced with the fluffy form of “naturally determined in conversation”, and the internal load and necessary skills (knowledge, sales email speaking skills, etc.) The need for is reduced.

While improving the motivation of the staffAchieved a 20% reduction in human resources and an increase in the number of final decisionsI did … Great …

CV growth rate 160% | What is the “original user experience” that the introduction of AI search aims at?

-Now, another one. It’s a rainy day AI property search “com with artificial intelligence”. This … how about it?

Well, as you can see (laughs). “Coming with artificial intelligence” is still in the future, isn’t it? It is still below the target level, so we are continuing to let AI learn.

Certainly, at this stage, if you answer some questions, it will tell you the information of 3 recommended properties … It’s kind of unsatisfactory.

Sure, the concept is interesting, but I see. You’re still learning.

is not it. This is the phase of raising AI. I hope you understand.

What is actually used on the service side is“Deep learning” x “cluster analysis” + “actual information on popular properties of our company and partners”Is put out by multiplying“Property recommendation engine”I’m the one.

The numbers that Mr. Adachi taught me surprised us again.

What a property recommendation engine that uses the same AI technology as the experimental “comb with artificial intelligence”CV (number of inquiries in this case) increased by 160% compared to last year in operation for about half a yearIs producing.

Currently AI is being used for recommendations.

In addition, although it is said to be experimental, “Coming with artificial intelligence” has more than 10,000 user accesses a day, and teachers who are steadily improving the accuracy of AI (such people like this …) The data is ready. very.

In fact, it was difficult to introduce it. There are few people in the company who can be called creators and innovators.

It was extremely difficult for me and Adachi to go directly to the AI ​​developer to talk to them, have the developer come to an in-house meeting, receive explanations, and so on, to understand and share. I did, but honestly, I’m glad I did it.

surely. If you were originally an IT company or a venture company, “Let’s do it! ]But if it is a major company and the industry is not originally an IT system, it will be difficult.

It wouldn’t have been a trivial task to push it through. .. ..

But why is Housecom like that?“No one knows if it will be very difficult and effective.”Did you try the plan?

I also listened directly to the stories around that area.

It’s just getting started.Thoughts on a major “unlikely strategy”

Of course, it didn’t suddenly become a story of “Come on, AI! Chat!”. The sense of challenges and crises in our industry as a whole, and the flow of deregulation that does not go well.While being messed up

“I’m getting stiff, so let’s spread it once!”

Certainly, even for me, who doesn’t know much about the industry, it seems like “the real estate industry has a lot of shackles and seems to be stiff.”

Mr. Tamura said that it was “actually”, and this challenging effort was accompanied by considerable difficulty … or even seemed to be poshed several times along the way.

This is a measure that has just begun, but there are some good numbers. I have to do more and more. So I set up the “Service Innovation Office”.

I would like to think more and more about communication with users, beyond the boundaries of the real estate brokerage industry.

It feels like we are officially budgeted as the “Service Innovation Office” and are able to make big moves.

There are a lot of things I want to do, but I will try without stopping.

Tamura-san and Adachi-san laughed happily after saying that.

In the real estate industry, where barriers to entry are low and the competition between SEO and customer service quality is becoming more important.We will break the “natural” and think about how to interact with users and change it.

It’s easy to say, it’s difficult to do … While watching the two people laugh and push forward with that action, which should be like a child“Maybe the organization with these people on top will win in the future …”It was an interview that made me feel that.

Now at HOUSECOM, we would like to take on the challenge of such a new initiative together! It seems that we are looking for employees.

If you’re curious, it might be an ant to meet them once.

>> Housecom recruitment overview page

Thank you Tamura-san and Adachi-san for your busy schedule!