“Mechano Studio” established by Preferred Networks takes robot development one step further

“Mechano Studio” established by Preferred Networks takes robot development one step further

The robotics industry continues to grow rapidly, attracting a lot of attention due to AI and labor shortages.In such an industry, startups trying to speed up the development cyclePreferred Networksis.

New measures of Japan’s only unicorn company “Preferred Networks”

When developing hardware for robots, the simulation on a computer and the operating environment of the actual machine are different.Rapid prototyping, verification and improvementIs required.

In order to speed up this series of flows, Preferred Networks, Inc. has a rapid prototyping environment in Otemachi, Tokyo, where its head office is located.“Mechano Studio”Was opened. This will promote robot-related research and development from both software and hardware perspectives, and accelerate the practical application of new technologies.

Preferred Networks is attracting attention for being the leader in the “NEXT Unicorn Survey” by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

The companyAiming to apply machine learning and deep learning techniques to the real world, We are conducting research and development of the open source deep learning framework “Chainer” and the processor “MN-Core” specializing in deep learning. In the robotics field, which is one of our focus businesses, we are promoting the intelligentization of machine tools and robots and the practical application of personal robots such as fully automated tidying up robot systems.

Speed ​​up the development cycle.Further new technological innovation

According to the Mechanical Engineering Committee of the Science Council of Japan, a typical example of conventional robot development was to proceed as planned toward the goal, and to finish with elemental technology development, integrated system development, and demonstration experiments.

However, in the conventional method,

  • Robot movements and functions are determined by the combination with users and environmental conditions.
  • User behavior and environmental conditions change dynamically, so integration and elements that can handle them without omission are required.

Because it was not able to respond to such factors, it did not match the characteristics of robots that meet the diverse needs of humans in the real world.

To achieve this, it was necessary to repeat the cycle of on-site use and improvement and development based on it.“Mechano Kobo” accelerates the cycle at the development stage.is.

Furthermore, by creating an environment where software engineers and hardware engineers can learn each other’s areas closely,Leading to new technological innovationThere is also an aim. By doing so,Accelerate the practical application of new technologies by promoting the evolution of both software and hardwareI will continue to do it.

Starting with Preferred Networks’ Mechano Studio, other companies may come up with new measures to promote the evolution of both software and hardware. I hope that the Mechano Studio will give a tailwind to the AI ​​/ robotics industry in Japan.