Moto G 5G Review

The Moto G 5g has arrived around 5 months after its more powerful sibling was released, the Moto G 5G Plus. This device has a lower price than its sibling and it’s missing a few of the features of the plus. But overall it’s a very similar phone. And if you’re looking for a cheap a 5g capable handset, there are very few other devices that this is competing with. But is this the one that you should end up buying? 


The design here is similar to the Plus model, the Moto G 5G has a glass front and a plastic back and frame that come in either the vulcanic gray coloring or frosted silver. It’s not as slippery as an average glass panel and the frame mimics anodized metal. In general, it’s nice to the touch and the rounded edge of the back panel means that it’s a comfy grip. Even though the phone is huge, one handed use will require quite a bit of a stretch at 212 grams. It’s not that light despite the material, but that might be due to the phone screen size and his large battery. 


There is a lightning fast and accurate fingerprint reader on the back and we found that you’ll just need to tap it in order to unlock the phone. The Moto G has a Google Assistant button on the side, which is textured so it’s easier to find. There’s also a card slot for expandable storage or a second SIM and you either get 64 or 128 gigabytes of base storage so it won’t be easy to run out of space. The camera bump sticks out and mimics the design of the latest iPhone generation. But with an LED flash instead of a camera lens in the upper right corner in order to balance out the design. Speaking of balance, when you turn the phone around, you’ll find the punch hole to be centered, adding an even more symmetrical and welcome aesthetic. 


The 6.7 inch IPS LCD has a 1080 p resolution and a standard 60 hertz refresh rate. Unlike the plus it supports HDR 10 for YouTube, though not Netflix, but the phone is wide vine L one certified. The max brightness we got was 484 minutes, which is almost as high as the plus which maxed out at 543 minutes. But honestly neither is stellar color accuracy also wasn’t amazing. And even if you switch the color mode to natural you’ll still get bluish whites. The Moto G 5G has a single downward facing speaker which had rather low loudness in comparison to the competition. quality wise it was pretty much what we were expecting for the class. vocals were clean but there was a lack of bass

there’s a headphone jack next to the speaker and the device even supports FM radio. The phone also has NFC support for wireless payments and easy pairing with wireless headphones. 


The Moto G 5G has 5000 milliamp hour battery , but this time the vanilla phone beats out its sibling in terms of endurance. The Moto G got 131 hours on our tests and out of all of our battery rankings it only sits below the Moto G 9 plus and the Moto G power. As far as charging goes things aren’t quite as impressive. The phone uses 20 Watt fast charging and got from zero to 36% in half an hour. 


This phone uses the mid range Snapdragon 750 G five G with either four or six gigs of RAM. It’s not the Snapdragon 765, which we saw on the plus. But benchmark performance is the same if not better, at some power with the Xiaomi me 10 lights and the Galaxy A 42 5g So it shouldn’t be plenty for most day to day tasks and light gaming. 


Speaking of the cameras, the phone has a triple camera setup that’s fairly similar to the plus there’s a 48 megapixel main camera with PDF, an eight megapixel ultra wide snapper and a two megapixel macro camera with autofocus. There is a slight downgrade here from the Plus model which had a five megapixel macro camera, but we’re really happy that they’ve kept the autofocus. The phone had good daylight snaps for the class. The HDR helped produce photos with a wide dynamic range and snaps were sharp and clean. 

You can buy the The Moto G 5g here

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