NEW Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

Physical design.

 The NEW Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is incredibly small
The NEW Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is incredibly small

The NEW Samsung Galaxy Book pro is incredibly small. It’s really thin and light. The 13 inch is just so incredibly small. unlike the galaxy book pro 360, which only has three USB type C ports, and then a headphone jack. This one on the left side has HDMI, which as you can see is almost the entire thickness of the keyboard.

we have two USB type C ports, one of them is actually a thunderbolt again. They have a USB type A, a headphone jack, and a micro SD card slot. You’re able to charge through USB type C on here, I love the duality of that, and you’re still getting pretty much every port I would want to use.

you can’t use it as a touchscreen, you don’t have an S Pen. But all things considered in the most common use case for most people most of the time

Display on the new samsung galaxy book pro

   The NEW Samsung Galaxy Book have higher resolution on the Samsung Galaxy Book
The NEW Samsung Galaxy Book have higher resolution

Another advantage of this one is actually a display now the display on here is really similar to the galaxy book pro 360 you’re looking at attended Up Display. you have fantastic colors and you really don’t need to be much brighter than this when you don’t have a glare.

The display here is still using Samsung super an OLED which means that you are getting really nice dark blacks really good contrast and overall fantastic color. So the display quality although I wish it was slightly higher resolution.

Keyboard on the new samsung galaxy book pro

really good design keyboard on
really good design keyboard

The big advantage of this keyboard is actually across the top so we have some really good functional buttons here. Of course the same as brightness and volume and stuff like that. But Samsung incorporated a few extra buttons here. One of them is to change the performance mode.

Another button is actually to turn off the camera or end the microphone as well. It’s quick, and responsive


So this is a webcam test. This is what it looks and sounds like it’s limited to 720 P, honestly very disappointing for a laptop that has the name pro in it.

Also, it does give you some interesting features on the bottom. So it’s like a beauty mode is on right now. This is when it’s off really doesn’t look different to me at all.

But we can go into like clean mode or more beautiful mode, which makes me look really, really strange. But essentially, this is what it looks like. I don’t think it’s the best out there for the price like I think at this price point.

And at this like pro level laptop, I wish there was a better camera on here. Now we can also take a look at the Geekbench scores right here. So open CL score performed reasonably well. And then of course, the single and multi core scores look really on par pretty much what we were seeing with the galaxy pro 360, which is honestly pretty good.


 speakers are definitely not a strength of this laptop

So let’s do a quick speaker test of full volume. So as you might have noticed there, this laptop has speakers, it has speakers. they’re not loud at all.

And it’s hard to hear, even like anything I’m listening to on here. But I mean all things considered, that’s one of the compromises you make to have a razor-thin and ultra-light laptop like this, you’re not going to have big speakers, the speakers are located on the bottom, you can see them right there.

And so in a lot of situations, especially if it’s sitting on your lap, or, or anywhere with a softer surface, they are going to be more muffled, even more muffled than they are already.

So speakers are definitely not a strength of this laptop. But Samsung is giving you some pretty good software to very easily connect with your Galaxy buds or any other headphones you want.

You can buy the new Samsung galaxy book pro here

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