Samsung galaxy A02s


samsung galaxy A02s
samsung galaxy A02s
Samsung galaxy A02s

The galaxy A02s have a 6.5 screen on the front, there’s a little bit of a bezel around there as you’d expect for this price. On the top, we have that little teardrop cutout for the camera, it’s also not a massive notch as we see on the iPhones. it’s a very large screen for this price. On the top, you can see our speaker, our little earpiece speaker there. And on the bottom. we have a little bit of a hefty chain on here. But nothing too gaudy.

Nothing really problematic. On the right side our power button and volume rocker, there is no fingerprint sensor.

Battery on Samsung galaxy A02s

 5000 milliam battery
5000 milliamp-hour battery

The Galaxy A02 S has a 5000 milliamp-hour battery, which is bigger than a lot of flagship phones. like those are $1,000 phones and they have smaller batteries than this one. So battery life on here is awesome.


Samsung galaxy A02s have dual SIM slot
Samsung galaxy A02s have dual SIM slot

We have a speaker on one side next to the USB type C port. That is for charging data transfer everything you’re doing with this and the good thing is this phone does come with a charging brick and with a charging cable from USB Type-A to type C and that’s something that we don’t even see in a lot of flagship phones so the flagship S series and the iPhone 12 series like a lot of phones are getting rid of their charges in the box. So seeing a 150 our phones still ship with that.

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