Samsung Galaxy Z fold3 rate

Fold3 is basically a better-built version of fold2. And it’s 1800 bucks now. So it’s still an expensive specialty phone, but with serious ambition.

Samsung galaxy z fold3
Samsung galaxy z fold3
Samsung galaxy z fold3
Samsung Galaxy Z fold3

It’s way better than the first fold its corner to corner. Now it’s 120 Hertz. Plenty bright and you can use it as a normal phone for quick stuff when you don’t really feel like opening the whole thing up, but it’s pretty narrow. It’s a very tall aspect ratio that makes the top pretty difficult to reach.

It’s very easy to make a lot of typos trying to hit those tiny buttons, so it’s just not the shape of a normal phone. Which makes it rock pretty hard without a case.


The fold3 is 2 millimeters thinner and trims a little bit of weight, and I can actually see and feel that difference, but overall it is objectively an awkward size and shape to use regularly.

It’s also worse than normal phones in-car mounts ’cause it’s so narrow and heavy it usually just falls.

Right out of most car mounts, and it’s also an absolute unit in your pocket.

Obviously, there are many other big phones, but this one is such a unique object in shape and size.

Now Samsung is doing the folding hardware better than ever that the hinge protrudes even less out the side and it’s just a little more firm and solid.

Even in last year’s hinge, it feels good and blue door, not the whole phone. Including this hinge is IP68 water-resistant.

But as I’ve mentioned, IPX 8 does not include dust resistance, so it’s got English protection against liquids, and that’s all great. You can walk outside in the rain, but do not take this anywhere near a beach or a woodworking shop or anything like that, because of any solids.

Camera of Samsung Galaxy Z fold3

They’re still doing the satin on almost everything for the folds, so satin black, aluminum side rails, and satin black back with this new camera bump design.

And this is the same set of cameras that were back here on the fold 2 from last year, which is to say.

Not quite the highest-end flagship caliber, but still very good like in daylight with tons of light. These are great, very capable cameras, but just not quite on the same level as the flagships from Google and Apple and even Samsung with their own S 21 line when it comes to sharpness.

Samsung galaxy z fold3
Samsung Galaxy Z fold3

And especially edge sharpness and low light performance and video etc.

So these are all 12-megapixel sensors for the primary, ultra-wide, and telephoto.


Battery life, as you can imagine, going from a 60 to 120 Hertz cover display and also trimming the batteries slightly when you got thinner it went from 4500 to 4400 million powers.

And still powering a huge bright 120 Hertz 7.6 inch display, you do lose a bit of battery.

120 Hertz display now. So no matter how I use this phone, which let’s be real, I’m typically going to have the power user tendencies.

I was at the low battery or near dead before the end of the day. Here’s a normal day of use with 3 1/2 hours of screen on time and it’s got me down to 15%. I could top out at four to four and a half.

You can order the fold3 here

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