Scheduling agency service “Amy” by AI secretary is a little amazing

Scheduling agency service “Amy” by AI secretary is a little amazing

Scheduling agency service

Hello. This is Hiroki.

Meetings, conferences, interviews, interviews. Drinking parties and small meals.There are various opportunities to meet people, but each time

  • Contact the other party each time ⇒ Check the free time
  • Adjusting the location according to your schedule (occasionally a loop that responds to sudden changes)

It’s annoying to have to exchange many times.

No matter how much the scheduling app developed, I had to do this part of “interacting with the other party” by myself.

until now .

yes. So, this is the main subject. An AI secretarial service has already been developed in the United States that will take over this tedious and time-consuming task.

If you send an email to Amy with CC, the rest will be adjusted arbitrarily

amy AI secretary

“Amy” (official name: Amy Ingram) is an AI specializing in scheduling that takes care of all scheduling, and ( in New York, which was established in 2014, has been in business for two years. I have been developing it for some time.

It ’s very easy to use,Just Cc: to Amy when you start an email with the other party.If you enter the candidate date, time zone, place, etc. in the body of the email, it will be from thereAmy takes over the communication with the other partyWill do it.

Not only for business meetings and conferences, but also for personal meals and drinking parties, and even if there are multiple members, they will check and adjust the schedule of all members, so if used well, it will be far superior to humans. ..

Equipped with a learning function for user preferences using AI

For example, if you write the following information about yourself in an email to Amy and send it to her, she will learn more and become better.

  • Always free time zone
  • Break time
  • Frequently visited shops
  • I’m not good at morning

They will be able to schedule more efficiently, learn about themselves, remember them, choose words and even “carefully”.If you use it all the timeYour own secretaryIt seems that it will become like.

If you leave the tedious scheduling to Amy, you’ll spend dramatically less time emailing or calling to adjust your schedule. Schedules are automatically packed in a nice way during free time … It may not be a dream to improve the efficiency of everyday life.

Of course, it also cancels the schedule

amy AI secretary

Amy’s text and correspondence are very polite, so don’t worry if you interact with your boss or business partner or leave it to Amy. Moreover, they will also accept cancellation and readjustment notifications.

However, it is quite worrisome to leave Amy to contact important business partners.

Therefore, in case of emergency, the specifications are such that Amy’s work can be stopped and other measures can be taken promptly. It’s a little safe.

Just register to use!However, it is still in beta version now

amy AI secretary

The biggest point to note is the simplicity of this service. You don’t need to register or download, just enter your address on the site.

There is no formal setting from there, it seems that you are basically only required to sync to Google Calender.

Currently, it is under test and waiting for the beta version to be used, but there are rumors that the completed version will be released around the summer. It seems that it can be used for free basically, but it seems that the function can be expanded by charging. The price is similar to Dropbox and Slack, and it seems that they are thinking about upgrading by about $ 10.

Unfortunately, it does not support Japanese yet, but has announced that it will implement support for multiple languages ​​including Japanese in the future.

as a side note Amy seems to have a twin brother, “Andrew,” and a male version will be available.Somehow (laughs).


I’m sure there are many of you who have been wasting a lot of time scheduling, and who have been stressed by it.

Perhaps I will not spend time on scheduling in the future, and it may be near the day when each person owns a “secretary” who will schedule.

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of support will be provided when Japanese is supported. Even if it is an email, it is indispensable for Japanese people to have a unique and rigid exchange, the nuance is difficult, and I think that there are many factors that should be considered in the environment setting such as place and time.

I’m looking forward to seeing what will show us in the future.