Smart agriculture changes agriculture!”Agriculture” innovation learned from the latest cases

Smart agriculture changes agriculture!”Agriculture” innovation learned from the latest cases

Smart agriculture changes agriculture!

good morning. This is Azuma.

Smart Agri accelerated from 2014 when the three major mega banks established an investment fund for the “sixth industry” under the guidance of the Abe Cabinet.

How successful is smart agri (using advanced technology to increase agricultural productivity)?

This time, I would like to introduce innovation by smart agri.

A fully IT house farmer.Sales are xx times in xx years


By smart agriFully IT vinyl greenhouseTomatoes and paprika made from

  • Use artificial fiber instead of soil and give sterilized water 60 times a day automatically
  • Adjusted to more than twice the CO2 concentration of the outside air where photosynthesis is most activated

It seems that they are raised 24 hours a day in such an ideal environment.

Furthermore, by automatically controlling the environment, tomatoes and paprika can be stretched vertically, creating a 6-meter-high greenhouse (about twice as high as a normal greenhouse), and the yield per area is amazing.3 times the conventionalI heard that

In places that are easily affected by typhoons, 6-meter-class greenhouses are cost-effective, etc …. It seems difficult, but it is possible to harvest vertically and efficiently in a small area. “Vertical agriculture“” Is one of the keywords of modern agriculture.

Some farmers started with 1 hectare and expanded to 52.5 hectares in a few years.CurrentSales are over 4.6 billion yenIt seems that it will also be.

And despite agriculture, most of the work is done on the PC. It is clear that the time will come when full-scale agriculture can be carried out remotely.

SOURCE: Agricultural Revolution “Smart Agri”

“I’m going to see rice fields for a while” disappears


The key to making rice is said to be water level control. You often hear stories like “I’m going to see the rice fields for a while” even though the storm is coming. Every morning and evening. Adjust the water level and replace the water. This is a lot of hard work.

By smart agri in modern timesSensor to watch the water level and automatic lock opening and closing robotIt seems that the burden on rice farmers has been significantly reduced by adjusting the water level using.

Furthermore, it seems that it is currently under development, but reactive automatically flies the drone, collects images of paddy fields, and AI (artificial intelligence) judges the quantity and quality of crops and the presence of pests from the images. And it seems.

If it is realized, the burden of rice cultivation, which is said to be unsuitable for labor, will be reduced, so please do your best.

Smart Agri that reduces working time by 23%

In strawberry cultivation smart agri, the window of the house opens automatically and waters depending on the amount of sunlight and carbon dioxide.Certainly this is also convenient

Actually, the most difficult thing in strawberry cultivation is “harvesting”. Harvest period is 5 months or more. The harvest time for 1000㎡ is about 2000 hours, which is 70 times longer than rice harvesting.this is23% of all strawberry cultivationIt seems that it will also be.

That’s where the image shows the growth of strawberries.Only strawberries that can be shippedA robot that harvests.

I think this is a good example of how you can make more effective use of your day by shortening the time with advanced technology.


We have introduced some examples of smart agri, but the introduction of smart agri is not the goal. For companies that have already introduced smart agri, “Package and sell experience of introducing and using advanced technology“Do”Sold as big data“It seems that they are doing it.

I think again that the pattern of a successful company is to “do it faster than anyone else” and “make use of that experience”.

Depending on how you use your own technology and database, it may become a big presence for the “sixth industry”.

See you soon.