Sony Xperia 1 iii review

Design on Sony Xperia 1 iii

sony experia 1 iii
Sony Xperia 1 iii new

You can probably already see some of the enthusiast’s features starting to stick. So first of all, it has a super lovely frosted matte black finish, and it’s even kind of like a little bit of a soft touch that I like.

Even the sides are matte black, and the whole thing is built around this 21 by nine aspect ratio, which an enthusiast would love because now you can watch yours 21 by 9 videos on a proper cinema display with no black bars.


The dual SIM card tray at the top is removable without a tool, and the second SIM card tray doubles as expandable storage for those micro SD cards up to a TB.

Stereo front-facing speakers are flanking the edge of the phone, and they’re nice and loud, louder than the previous generation and far enough apart to create a nice real stereo image. up in the corner that’s an LED notification light.

A ton of features on Sony Xperia 1 iii

The feature you really don’t see in many features nowadays, but that enthusiasts will appreciate.

There’s a volume rocker up top, then the Super reliable fingerprint reader power button combo underneath that. Then a custom button that’s mapped to trigger Google Assistant, then underneath that a dedicated shutter button for the camera system, and it’s got the half-press for focusing and the full press for actually taking the shot and everything. All of that wrapped in a body that’s IP68 water-resistant and pretty squared off overall.

Finish, it’s the overall pretty square aesthetic. The fingerprint reader on the power button is speedy and very reliable, and just the whole phone is straightforward and comfortable to hold because it’s so narrow because 21 by 9 but speaking to 21 by 9.


This phone has a 6.5 inch 4K120 Hertz display right off the bat. Jesus, then in the settings, you can switch between the Super smooth 120 Hertz or just normal 60.

But you actually cannot adjust the screen resolution at all. It is always locked at 4K

This is full-on maximum enthusiasts. If you literally can’t turn it off. No 1080, No 1440, it’s locked.

Sony has this 10-bit creator mode. It’s had it before, and it’s also a highly adjustable white balance to tune this OLED display to look exactly how you’d want.

Variable telephoto lens on sony experia 1 iii
The variable telephoto lens on sony Xperia 1 iii


Lots of battery care features to help you reduce the amount of time your battery. It spends at 400% charge to prolong life here Down and then one of my favorite Sony additions is called side sense.

You can double-tap that bar anytime you want to bring up a quick app launcher, which you can customize with whatever 8 apps you want, or bring up the whole list hilariously, and then you can slide.

Upon that bar, anytime you want to open multitasking, which is pretty sweet on that extra tall 21 by 9 display. I assume if you’re a true enthusiast, you’re doing this all the time, and you’ve got your favorite app pairs queued up so you can launch them both at the same time with a single touch.

And you can also launch one-handed mode from here, which makes sense if you can’t quite reach the top of this phone.

Honestly, it’s so tall that the top corners can be a little annoying to reach, even with big hands, so you can customize the position of this bar that size the transparency level, the sensitivity, every little thing, dial it to your heart’s content, and it’s all over here in this little.

Sidebar that’s super reachable wherever you want to put it.

Camera of Sony Xperia 1 iii

As soon as you squeeze that shutter or double-tap the power button or just hit the camera icon, whatever you like, you’re thrown immediately into Sony Advanced camera app.

Now they do give you a basic mode in that camera app which It’s funny, and that lets you switch to video mode and toggle between the ultrawide, the standard, and two different telephoto focal lengths.

you can go straight from basic mode into basically a full-on Sony Alpha camera with programmable auto modes and manual modes and 20 FPS burst shutters and sliders For your shutter speed and ISO and focus and all that, it’s great.

Sony dropped variable optical zoom on a single telephoto camera, so this horizontally oriented telephoto camera.

In the software, you can snap these between 70 millimeters and 105 millimeters.

These focal lengths are both shot by that same sensor. It’s moving glass inside the phone to give you two different zooms, and so the result is amazing.

You now have two different focal lengths of telephoto. In one sensor, you have 70, and you have 1:05, and you can get digital zoom between them. But you can also snap between them back.

So the best thing I get out of this phone camera system really is just it’s a technical marvel, and it’s really cool to appreciate. I have hope for the future of smartphones with optical zoom, but I also don’t want to get my hopes up because, if you remember, Samsung did with dual aperture.

Overall about Sony Xperia 1 iii

It’s got a camera I’ve never seen before.

the screen I’ve never seen before.

It’s got a ton of features.

There’s just a lot going on, and so if you care about smartphones at all, this is a fascinating phone.

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