Sony Xperia 5 review


Xperia 5
Xperia 5
Xperia 5
Xperia 5

Xperia 5, like it’s bigger brother is super skinny due to the unusually tall screen aspect ratio, and it has a 6.1 inch screen diagonal, but it looks almost anorexic. There are definitely some benefits to this because it’s much easier to hold in most phones. It would be even better if Sony included proper navigation gestures, but that might be more evolved with stock Android than Sony.

In any case, the software is clean and so was the design of this phone. It’s elegant and minimalist, and it stands out in stark contrast to all the crazy gradients that have come out this year.

The exterior of five has great build quality, and with the Gorilla Glass six and IP 68 rated protection, it doesn’t feel like you have to baby it. Also thanks to its form factor, it’s really easy to grip onto, and it doesn’t feel like it’ll pop out or your hands at any moment, which is something I can say for other glass sandwich phones out there. There are small bezels on the top and bottom.


 full HD panel with a good pixel density of 450 PPI
full HD panel with a good pixel density of 450 PPI

If you’re a fan of all this vertical space, you’ll find this to be a really good OLED screen. It’s a full HD panel with a good pixel density of 450 PPI. There’s no 4k like on the exterior one. But that was overkill even there.

The display has a quite okay max brightness of 353 units and it can get up to 574 minutes when it’s really bright around. It’s better in creator mode where auto-brightness jumps to 631 nits and manual gets around 386 this creator mode is meant to deliver more accurate colors.

There’s a shift to blue in most display modes, but generally, the display was very accurate and creator mode with a warm white balance. This is quite similar to what you’ll find on the exterior one.

Stereo speaker on Xperia 5

Xperia 5 has very good loudness
Xperia 5 has very good loudness

The stereo speaker setup has very similar performance to its bigger brother to the Xperia 5 has very good loudness. Bass was a little weak but in general it’s more than adequate.

Battery on Xperia 5

 really good battery life on  Xperia 5
really good battery life on Xperia 5

Surprisingly, despite having a smaller battery, the Xperia 5 had some really good battery life. I got 96 hours of endurance on our battery life test, which is both better than the experior one and the regulars 10 and the S 10. E. With the bundled fast charger you can get 53% in half an hour, or 80% in an hour. But you should know that the charging rate slows down significantly after that.


Snapdragon 855 and six gigs of RAM
Snapdragon 855 and six gigs of RAM

The Xperia 5 boasts a Snapdragon 855 and six gigs of RAM. Performance is flagship where the what you’re getting u Fs 2.1 storage versus the newer USB 3.0 that you’d find on a note 10 or one plus seven Pro.

Sony is all about minimalism, and this naturally extends to their software. It’s a very clean version of Android pi and only a few experience weak on top.

You can use pull navigation or buttons but there are no gestures. This is such a mess because the phone would feel so much faster if you don’t have to squish your hand down to hit the home button or the back button.

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