Caser Asesores enlarges its network of agents in Madrid with Álvaro Sevillano, former head of CoreCapital

He ceased as president, general director and director last spring when he clashed with the Ballvé family (Campofrío).

Caser Financial Advisors offices.

Caser Financial Advisors reinforces its network of agents in Madrid with the incorporation of a heavyweight in the industry, Alvaro Sevillanowho until a few months ago was the head of the family office CoreCapital Finance.

Sevillano, who co-founded CoreCapital, stepped down as chairman, CEO and director last spring colliding with the Ballvé family (Campofrío), main customer of family officeas reported by this newspaper.

With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, Sevillano had previously worked in other relevant positions, as an independent professional at Bankinter, advising large assets, and at other entities such as Banif Banca Privada, Morgan Stanley, Caixa Banca Privada, Lloyds TSB Bank and Deutsche Bank.

The new signing comes to join the team of more than 35 financial agents that are part of the network specialized in financial advice that the Caser Group launched in 2019 and that it directs Helen Calaforra.

Thus, professionals such as Javier Ballarat, Álvaro Merino, Reyes Barquero, Susana Checa, Juan Pablo Ordovás or Mario Durán, among others, have joined the specialized entity in 2021, which closed the 2020 financial year with a net growth of 185 million euros and more than 800 clients.

Caser launches a range of profiled funds in collaboration with Inversis Banco

Thus, it doubles its own product offering in this segment, after the three that it also set up with Inversis in 2019.

Caser Financial Advisors offices.

Caser happens to have a range of profiled bottoms as the majority of banks and insurers in our country have already had for years. Its investment arm has launched with the help of inversionthree funds profiled by risk level, and thus doubles its own product offering in this segment.

Inversis Management has registered the range Selection Fund, a compartment fund made up of the funds Caser AV 20, 60 and 80. All three products are Advised by Caser Valores e Inversiones, a broker directed by Ana Achau and on which the Caser Financial Advisors unit pivots, whose first sword is Helena Calaforra.

They all share a management vocation “active and flexible”. The first of the three, the most conservative, has a volatility target of less than 5% per year and may invest up to 20% of its total exposure in equities, with the rest of the portfolio in fixed income.

The middle has a maximum volatility objective of 15% and may invest in the stock market between 40% and 60%, while in the third of them, the riskiest, the volatility target is 25% and the range in shares will be 60-80%, according to their respective brochures.

Its management fees range between 0.9% and 1.55% in share classes for all audiences, being lower when it comes to discretionary portfolio management contracts or financial advice with an explicit cost.

In that case, they range from 0.45% to 0.78%. In the aggregate of annual current expenses for universal shares, where other expenses and fees are included (brokerage, audit, CNMV…), the total price rises to between 1.75% and 2.82%.

Collaboration with Inversis

Caser’s relationship with the March’s wholesale bank and investment platform is not new. They collaborate in many areas. Without going any further, at the beginning of 2019 the investment arm of the insurer already launched its first three funds with the manager of Inversis Banco, housed in the Multiadvisor Management II: Caser Flexible, Caser Global Options and Caser Quality Aria Global.

Precisely, Caser Asesores yesterday enlarged its network of financial agents in Madrid with the incorporation of Alvaro Sevillano, a heavyweight in the industry and who until a few months ago was the head and co-founder of the family office CoreCapital Finanzas, from which it left when it collided with the Ballvé family (Campofrío), the main client of the family officeas reported by this newspaper.