SpainMedia presents its new corporate identity

In this renewal of the editorial group, the new ‘claim’ of the publisher is incorporated into the logo: Brands, Influence & Data.

Andrés Rodríguez, founder of SpainMedia

SpainMedia presents the new brand and a new location on Almagro street, an economic and business benchmark in the capital. The new image represents an evolution in the company’s positioning “from a vision marked by a passion for magazines, where brands, influence and content join events, books and differential actions”.

“Today we present our new identity and new logo that reflects our reality. We want to continue being able to do risky and different things that inspire enthusiasm in our readers and our clients”, he pointed out. Andrés Rodríguez, president of SpainMedia.

In this renewal, the new logo is incorporated claim from the publisher: Brands, Influence & Data, which visualizes the digital commitment of the company responsible for the T brandsapas and Forbes.

In the same way, SpainMedia inaugurates its new corporate headquarters, on the fourth floor of an emblematic building located at number 23 on Calle Almagro in Madrid, in the heart of Madrid, within the axis of influence that makes up Calle Almagro and Paseo de la Castilian.

Founded by the journalist Andrés Rodríguez in March 2007, the publishing group has gained a prestigious and profitable position in the lifestyle publications market, in paper and digital formats.

In these more than 10 years, SpainMedia has edited Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, Robb Report, Forbes, L’Officiel, Tapas, T Magazine and is a founding partner of El Español. In addition, in 2018 Andrés Rodriguez received the First Amendment Award by the Eisenhower Fellowship Association to the best editor.