The meters return: the OJD in June and the EGM confirms that it will give data in November

The confinement is over for the data of the main media in Spain.

A rotary press of a paper newspaper in a stock image

The main gauges of media audiences have begun their de-escalation. As confirmed invested, Enter (OJD) hopes to return in June to certify the diffusion of its print media and the AIMC (EGM) it will begin its field work in September, to have data in November.

In this way, the new normal will be able to have data from all media and communication media in the coming weeks. Let us remember that the Office for the Justification of Dissemination (OJD) allowed its associates to suspend control of its dissemination since mid-March this year.

Most of the headlines claimed “exceptional effects” of the coronavirus crisis and the confinement that prevented newspapers from being distributed normally. Since the state of alarm was decreed, printed newspapers have had difficulty deliver their mastheads to their subscribers and sell copies at newsstands.

In the sector it is recognized that during these two weeks the diffusion fell very significantly, and in a very abnormal way, so they preferred to exclude this distribution so as not to “contaminate” the sample for the month of March. A situation that has been maintained throughout the state of alarm, including the months of April and June.

However, these exceptional circumstances end with the end of the state of alarm that ends on June 21. In this way, industry sources indicate that the publishers could no longer allege these extraordinary causes and indicate that with certainty, it will return to normal and the printed newspapers will be measured again in the last week of June.

General Media Study

In this sense, July will be the first month in which a full month will be counted again, after February of this year. We are, therefore, facing the longest period of absence of measurement: four months.

In the case of General Media Study (EGM), On March 16, and taking into account the exceptional situation of Covid-19, the AIMC Board of Directors decided to temporarily suspend the start of the field work of the second wave of the EGM.

Finally, the Board of Directorsheld at the end of March on an extraordinary basis, decided permanently suspend the second wave of the EGM this year, “given the impossibility of carrying out the field work normally, due to the state of alarm and the related confinement measures.”

Comscore and Kantar

In this sense, from the AIMCthe body that performs the EGM, has been confirmed to invested that the field work will resume in September, so that on November 2 the audience data of the main media corresponding to the third wave will be known again. It will therefore go from the first known wave in April, to the third, without carrying out the second.

During the entire state of alarm, the digital measurements that did not require a physical presence, such as the EGM field study, have been maintained.telephone and face-to-face surveys– and the OJD -which regularly requires visits to the printing centers of the newspapers-.

In this sense, Comscore and Kantar managed to continue certifying internet and television audiences, respectively. Similarly, OJD also continued to audit digital media.