Task management with Slack!How to use the bot “@must-read” to task messages

Task management with Slack!How to use the bot “@must-read” to task messages

Task management with Slack!How to use the bot

Even if an important message comes flying in your daily work, you may not be able to see it because you are too busy. Especially when it comes to chat, it tends to happen because the amount of messages is large.

With Chatwork, you can set tasks, but with Slack, you can’t do that. Even if you ask me later, “Did you see the one I sent?”

A bot that can be a solution to such worries has appeared on Slack! There’s still a lot to be done, but personally, it was “finally!”, so I’ll introduce it with momentum!

Message microtasking @must-read

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@must-read from Finalem. As a digital communication assistant, it creates tasks and manages messages and links that you want the other party to read.

Its basic functionality is to create a read-list of messages with mentions. Adding @must-read to a regular message makes it a task.

When you click on a task added to the list, it will jump to the corresponding message, so you don’t have to search for it in the channel anymore.

Read/unread judgment is done by clicking or not clicking the “green check box” under the message. However, if you mark it as read, the content will be removed from the list, so please read it properly before pressing.

Let’s take a closer look at the features.

Message tasking


The first is the most basic functionality. Sending a message to someone with @must-read adds the message to their read-list.

By the way, if you add @must-read without specifying the other person, it will be added to the read-list of all members in the channel.

Centralized management of remaining tasks


You can check your read-list by entering “feed” in DM with @must-read.

Task management tends to be quite fragmented, but being able to centrally manage it is quite convenient.

Check the progress of assigned tasks


By entering “status” in DM with @must-read, you can check the progress of the task you assigned to the members around you.

It’s nice to be able to centrally manage not only the tasks you have, but also the tasks you assigned.

Personal ToDo storage


You can add any link to your read-list by sending @me or @yourname in DM to @must-read.

It’s kind of like writing notes to yourself.

Remind function

screenshot 2016-07-04 22.26.04

It will display the digest read-list of the @must-read tag at 9:00 am.

Why is it fixed at 9:00 am? I’m not sure, but it might be surprisingly good to get into the habit of checking the remaining tasks every morning.


As a function of the bot, it is quite difficult to make messages into tasks (if you try hard enough), but honestlyIn terms of task management, it is still subtlemaybe. Personally, when sending a message with @must-read, I think it would be helpful in terms of task management if you could divide it into three levels (high, medium, low) to see how important it is. I also did.

Honestly, if it’s just my task management, it’s Slack’s default functionStarred Listor,/remindYou can manage it by using such as.Also, people who are fineTrello integration(laughs)

see you.