The best phones to get for battery life

Realme 8

If you’re looking for long-lasting phones under 200 euros, one of the first that comes to mind is the realme 8. It got a whopping 127 hour reading on our battery tests, and the 30 Watt charger that came in the box could charge 56% and half an hour. That’s among the longest endurance times that you’ll see on this list and very respectable charging. It also has a sharp 6.4-inch Emelyn solid performance for a phone in its class and good 4k videos. It supports real UI 2.0, is clean, and offers a lot of customization. The design is a little hit or miss, and it’s very prone to smudges. 

The Poco M4 pro 5g 

The Poco M4 pro 5g is powerful and supports 5g, which the real me doesn’t. You’ll find it for around the same price as the real me eight with a 123 hour reading its endurance was a little less impressive but not much worse.

The 33 Watt charger gets it from zero to 54% two which is in the same ballpark. The poco is a good budget all rounder and it offers a smooth iOS experience with dependable performance. The 6.6 inch screen supports a 90 hertz refresh rate and even sports loud enough stereo speakers. It’s even splash resistant, photo and video quality is good. You can’t capture 4k videos here and the GPU is not very powerful. But if you have a limited budget and are looking for an all rounder with great endurance and 5g, this one is tough to beat.

Poco f3

Now if you can spend a little more our next few options are a little under 300 euro and here we have another poco. The Poco f3 It scored a 114 hour rating on our endurance test. It got from zero to 67% Half an hour with its 33 Watt charger. The Poco has an excellent almost 6.7 inch OLED panel with a 120 hertz refresh rate, class leading performance 5g connectivity and good stereo speakers.

We love its design and premium build and despite his glossing curves. We found it to have good grip. Basically for this price. This is an extremely well balanced phone and it’s tough to find a fault here. It’s one weakness might be it’s good but not great photos and videos, and the especially lackluster ultra wide camera performance. If photography is more important to you, then perhaps you should take a look at the next phone in the segment. 

Redmi Note 10 Pro

The Redmi Note 10 Pro got a 118 hour reading on our battery life tests. With its 33 Watt charger though its charging time was a little less impressive and he got from zero to 50% in half an hour. Where it excels however, isn’t the like photos and videos, not to mention the almost 6.7 inch OLED panel with the high refresh rate. Performance was dependable and it didn’t overheat during our stress tests. It has a beautiful design too.

With IP 53 rated dust and water protection and Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back. It would have been nice for to have a higher grade chipset than the Snapdragon 732 G. And we didn’t like that in low light camera quality was mediocre. 

The OnePlus Nord 2 5G

Now if you want a phone that has camera performance, that’s good both at nights and during the day has good performance and is a battery champ. It’s time to look at phones that are in the upper mid range. That is to say phones that are a little under 400 Euro. The OnePlus Nord 2 2G is one such phone with 102 hours of endurance. You might be wondering, why is this a list of phones with amazing endurance? Well, it’s certainly not the longest lasting phone here. It’s charging speed is out of this world, the 65 Watt warp charger filled up the entire battery in just 31 minutes.

The Nord 2 5G is also one of the best mid arrangers this year and qualifies as a flagship killer. It has a powerful dimensity 1200 5g chipset, a nice 90 hertz fluid amyloid and the super snappy Oxygen OS launcher. Its cameras are pretty good too. The only thing the Nord two doesn’t have is an IP rating. Oh and it has limited high framerate gaming.

Realme GT neo2

So what can compete with this, the realme GT neo2 first its overall endurance is better than the North to 111 hours on our battery life tests. And that’s without sacrificing the crazy fast charging, which is pretty much the same here. The GT new two however also sports flagship levels 6.6 H 120 hertz OLED screen, a Snapdragon 875 G one of the fastest chipsets on Android, and a great triple camera on the back.

It too doesn’t have an IP rating or high refresh rate gaming. But if we’re hard pressed to pick between the neo2 and the Nord2, the realme wins out unless you’re really in love with oxygen or west or the more compact form factor. 

IPhone 13 

So if you’re not limited by budget and want the best out there, which flagships reigned supreme when it comes to endurance, the iPhone 13 Promax. Apple’s best iPhone ever is one of the flagships with the best battery life this year, it got a 121 hour rating on our battery life tests and the half hour charging times are okay, the 13 Pro Max has the most powerful chipset on the market, class leading speaker quality and a robust build with IP 68 protection a steel frame and ceramic shield from glass. Its flagship cameras take fantastic photos and some of the best videos you can capture on a smartphone. 

Galaxy S21

If you’re not a fan of Apple or that annoying Nacho over the Galaxy S 21. Ultra is a runner up. It’s scored 114 hours of endurance and it’s fast charging gets it from zero to 54% and half an hour. It has the best OLED screen on the market with a 1440 p resolution HDR 10 Plus support Espen support and over 1000 nits of max brightness. The Quad camera setup is no slouch either. And if you’re in need of an absolute beast when it comes to zoom shots, the s 21 Ultra is that phone. Battery life is important but you don’t have to sacrifice a great phone for excellent endurance and great charging. 

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 here
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