The best US market phones to get

The US smartphone market is a bit different from what we usually cover here on our channel. So for you guys residing in the States, we’ve made a list of our top picks if you’re looking to buy a phone this holiday season.

we’ve organized the list by price category, and for the best phone under 300 bucks. 

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G 

This phone has a flat reflective plastic design, which is pretty straightforward. And under the hood, it has a MediaTek dimensity 720 G chipset, which offers decent performance as well as 5g connectivity. The display is this phone’s weak point. It isn’t an amyloid but an LCD with just a 720 p resolution. But if you don’t mind that the battery life is great and you get up to date Samsung software support the A32 5G has a triple camera setup with a main ultra wide and macro cam plus the depth sensor quality is decent for the price too. You can get the A32 5G for as low as $200 from Google phi from Samsung’s website it costs 280 bucks. This phone however would not work on Verizon. If you are on the big red.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5g 

This phone is also made of plastic but brings an interesting design featuring four differently shaded bars and a dot textured accent. The display is an upgrade over the A32 5g is still with a 720 p resolution but it’s amulet. Battery life is awesome here and you get a Snapdragon 750 G chipset which provides that 5g connectivity as well as good gaming performance for this price. You again get a reliable Samsung UI and software support. And the cameras on the back are pretty much the same as the A32 5G and do a decent job the A42 5g is worth looking into if you’re a Verizon customer from them, the 128 gb model will go for $299

 Samsung Galaxy A52 5g 

This phone brings stem cells more recent design is still made of plastic, but has a softer matte finish with a catchy pastel color scheme overall is pretty sturdy. It even has IP 67 aerated dust and water resistance. The display of the A52 5g is a different story from the ones we’ve talked about so far. This one is an amulet with a 20 DP resolution, HDR 10 Plus support a 120 hertz refresh rate and Gorilla Glass five protection. You even get a pair of nice stereo speakers to add to the media experience. The software package is Samsung’s one UI over Android 11 The same as you’ll find on all of these Samsung mid rangers.

The chipset is a Snapdragon 750 G 5g performance is solid and games run quite well. Since the battery pack is smaller than the previous models I talked about battery life isn’t quite as impressive, but it’s still good. The APG two 5g again brings a triple camera setup on the back plus a depth sensor and we liked the all around camera experience for both photos and videos. You can find the Galaxy A 52 5g for the price of $399. But again, it would not work on Verizon. 

Google Pixel 5A

If you’re a Verizon customer, we have another pic for under 400 bucks. And that’s the Google Pixel 5A this phone has a unibody made from plastic and aluminum with this smooth matte finish. It also brings IP 67 rated water and dust resistance. You get an OLED screen on the front with a 20 DP resolution and Gorilla Glass three protection. The screen is bright and there’s HDR support. But there’s just a standard 60 hertz refresh rate.

For audio you get a pair of loud stereo speakers to the pixel 5A has a battery that’s larger than its predecessors, and battery life is great. Plus, since this is a pixel you get years of Google software support, plus some unique features from Google. The pixel 5A chipset is a Snapdragon 765 G which is a solid mid range chip. The thermal management here isn’t the best for gaming, but day to day tasks run well. On the back you get the same dual cameras as the pixel five hat with a main and ultra wide cam. And quality is quite solid at least for still photos. If you’re a Verizon customer, you can get a pixel 5A for 400 bucks from the Google Store or $350 from Google thought. 

You can buy the Google Pixel 5A here

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