The key to introducing AI is digital transformation.Now is the time to look back at the scene in front of you

The key to introducing AI is digital transformation.Now is the time to look back at the scene in front of you

The key to introducing AI is digital transformation.Now is the time to look back at the scene in front of you

On February 13, 2019, Ledge Co., Ltd. will hold Japan’s largest business AI conference “THE AI 3rd”. Under the theme of “Survival of the fittest in the age of AI: what we should do now to be reborn,” top runners in the industry talked about examples of the use of AI and deep learning across industries and industries.

Mr. Sadamitsu September of Future Co., Ltd., who gave a lecture entitled “Canvas is an infinite real space-Design AI-“, talked about the challenges of AI introduction in Japan and their solutions.

Sadamitsu September

After joining Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Co., Ltd. in 2009, engaged in research and development of machine learning, and received the 2014 Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence Field Innovation Award. In 2017, he joined Future Co., Ltd. and launched an AI specialized department (SAIG). He has served as a member of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence. He is a doctor of engineering.

In the AI ​​era, what we should do now can be seen from the issues

Mr. Sadamitsu says that issues are closely related to the theme “What should be done” now “to be reborn” set by THE AI 3rd. Mr. Sadamitsu pointed out that the issue will become clear from the results of a survey released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications that asked companies, including overseas companies, about issues related to the introduction of AI.

“Very interesting, in Japan,The quality of AI processing results cannot be guaranteed]Is a low percentage of respondents.

As a reason, I have two hypotheses.

  • High quality of Japanese AI technology
  • In the first place, it has not progressed to the stage of guaranteeing quality

and,Both hypotheses are correctI feel that it has a side. “

“The level of AI engineers in Japan is extremely high, and there are many engineers around me who can compete in the world enough. On the other hand, I fully consider the possibility that there is a problem in the part before the quality talk. Can be done.

There it stands out in the graph

  • Insufficient data collection and organization
  • Lack of organizations and human resources to lead the introduction of AI

I think these two issues are having an impact. “

So how do you solve these issues and accelerate the introduction of AI? The clue is “Real“When”Data“.

“Real” in the field is the key to opportunity

“In order for the successful introduction of AI, we first need to thoroughly review the real part.

In the digital transformation that is advancing in the world, people, things, money, and information that actually exist are mapped into the digital space and converted into data. Based on that data, new services will be created by AI, and the services will be connected to each other and sublimated into new services. Such a move is underway in the world. “

“It’s easy to understand if you imagine an unmanned store such as Amazon GO,Mapping to a real digital space and data conversion are possible in every situationI think it is.

However, taking the supply chain of the retail industry as an example, each flow and relationship has not yet been digitized. And most of the digitized data is not used as AI data. “

Sadamitsu says that a real space with diversity that has not been digitized has great potential.

“If it’s not digitized, it’s digitized. If it’s already digitized, the fun of thinking about how it can be used with AI is endless. The opportunity is in the field in front of you. I’m sure it’s spreading. “

Do not reduce man-hours with AI.Think to add value

After getting a hint of what to input, Mr. Sadamitsu talks about what kind of output to design.

“On the other hand, ROI is the most important factor in output. To increase ROI,

  • Man-hour reduction
  • Increase added value

There is only one of them. AI is often thought of as a substitute for humans, and it is easy to come up with the idea of ​​using it to reduce man-hours so that it can be replaced with human work. However, if we aim to reduce man-hours, we will end up in a world of binary opposition between people and AI, which is boring. It is important how we can create added value and increase the plus. “

Think through what kind of added value can be created by AI

Mr. Sadamitsu’s lecture is packed with hints for reorganizing the way of thinking and how to proceed with the introduction of AI.Although excluded in this report, in the lectureFramework for AIAnd talked with concrete examples. First of all, by thinking about how to map the real space to digital and what kind of output to design one by one, I think it became clear how to proceed with the ambiguous introduction of AI.

What kind of added value can be created by AI, rather than the negative idea that AI takes away work? It seems that we need to focus on that and think about the future.

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