The surface laptop studio

So Microsoft has created an all new laptop that is called the surface laptop studio. It’s a successor to the detachable screen Surface Book that you might remember, it maybe shares some design sensibilities with the desktop version of the Surface Studio.

The surface laptop studio
The surface laptop studio .
The surface laptop studio
it maybe shares some design sensibilities with the desktop version of the Surface Studio.
The surface laptop studio
so beautiful


The surface laptop studio looks nothing so much like a MacBook. The idea is simple. Instead of a touchscreen that detaches, it’s a touchscreen that can fold backward. This gives you the ability to lay the whole thing flat and use it as a tablet. Or you can set it up in this kind of tent, like display mode, and take calls or watch videos with the trackpad still visible and usable as you want.
There are little magnets that help guide the screen to lock it in place in these different positions.

The surface laptop studio only got three positions. But mostly that’s because Microsoft’s fit and finish on its hardware are so good. it looks a lot like a MacBook, but it has a good keyboard from the start instead of waiting for a few generations to get there. It also has a very nice big trackpad that’s entirely happy you feel it click back at you physically instead of it physically moving.

This whole thing is very pretty until you notice that this whole thing is sitting on something else. Underneath the MacBook-looking part is a square like a plinth stand, which is how the surface laptop studio handle seat. It’s just a square thing underneath the regular laptop that extends down and it blows heat out of the sides. And boy, I don’t know it looks very strange to me. Maybe it’ll grow on me, but it’s like one of those fan laptop stands that you can buy but it’s just permanently attached to the bottom.

Now one thing that is neat about this weird inset plinth is that it leaves space on the bottom for the new surface slim pen to just magnetically right there under the keyboard deck. This new pen is a little bit narrower at the tip and it supports haptics so it vibrates a little bit as you start drawing.


It’s Microsoft’s more powerful version of a laptop It comes with 11 Gen Core I 5 or 7 processors from Intel.

The default graphics are Intel XC but you can upgrade to an NVIDIA GeForce r tx 3050 ti RAM is 16 or 32 gigs so this thing isn’t a gaming laptop, but it definitely has more than the regular surface laptop or Surface Pro, the screen can get to 120-hertz refresh rate and it is a beautiful screen. It’s 14.4 inches diagonally and has a three by two aspect ratio.


It of course has Windows Hello for signing in with your face instead of a fingerprint sensor. And it also has Microsoft’s very good studio microphones. Microsoft is also finally supporting Thunderbolt four on its surface devices there are two ports on this one in addition to the traditional surface connector on the other side. Now, this whole laptop starts at 1600 bucks, which ain’t cheap.

You can buy The surface laptop studio here

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