Types of Barcode Scanners

In huge markets or in any small mart, we need a device which keeps all the necessary information which can make us accesses the details of the product which is purchased by the purchase. Well, all your worries have solved because of the wide use of the barcode scanners. Functioning of the barcode scanners are bit different and unique. They are the machine which can read the barcode which is placed on the product. By placing the barcode scanner on the barcode, it generates all the details of the products like date of manufacturing, time, price, quantity, etc.

You will find it everywhere in the market or in big marts. Barcode scanner makes a comfort level for the user and the work is done with an ease. The core function of using the barcode scanner is to keep the track records of the logistic and the organizational services which are being functioned by the manufacturers and the sellers of the product. There are many options for the users who opt for the using of barcode scanners. Further discussion will help you to get the knowledge of different types of barcode scanners.

Types of Barcode Scanners

Pen Barcode Scanner

This type of barcode scanner is resemblance of the pen. Pen barcode scanner consists of LED light in the front part of the pen. It is very thin and easily portable by the user. It is upon the user that which type or the shape of barcode scanner could be handier and easily used by the user. The LED light is passed on the white and black strips which are present on the product and by doing this all the details are processed to the computer in which the data is required.


Laser barcode scanner is a bit different and advanced as compared to pen barcode scanner. Well you can find the work of products and its details solved in ease. Exact lines of the barcode which is printed on the product can be readied by this laser barcode scanner in a better manner. There is a mirror placed on the deck of the counter and the product is passed from that mirror, after passing all the details are flashed on the computer which is connected to the barcode scanner. This printer is abit expensive than the pen barcode scanner.

2D camera

Considering the criteria, all the barcodes which are printed on the products are not of white and black strips, but there are versatile colors which are also added and printed as barcode on the product manufactured. For doing the perfect barcode scan of the product, 2D camera is the best option which can be exercised by the users. For reading this kind of different colored barcode on the product, 2D camera is necessary to be opted for.  There are many specifications which are available in the scanner like it consists of many tiny and minute laser lights like they have in CCD scanner. The scanner takes the digital image of the barcode and then turns the decoded information in the readable manner for the users.

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