Wireless Flash Triggers With Remote Shutter Pack

wireless flash trigger

A wireless flash trigger is a very good camera kit compartment to carry if you are shooting outdoors. I think that every photographer should make the flash, a compulsory component of his/her kit for shooting, especially outdoor.

When carrying something like that for outdoor shooting, one must keep that in mind that the device should be efficient enough to be carried along so it would not create any kind of problem for you while you are in the middle of an extraordinary photo shoot.

I bought a (2 Flash Trigger Pack) Altura Photo Wireless Flash Trigger. It is a 2 trigger pack which I am currently using and it is going really well with all of the provided features.

I have got to tell you that his 2 Flash trigger pack is the one you also must try. I can definitely say that it will not disappoint any of its users. I have a Canon 77D and this flash is working just fine with my camera.

I am rather enjoying my photo shoot using this flash unit. This flash trigger pack is not at all expensive for the features which it is providing to its users.

I must tell you that Altura photo has manufactured quite a product for its customers related to the photography class. Now we should get going with the real features and specifications that this pack possesses.

This (2 Trigger Pack) Altura Photo Wireless Flash Trigger is the best solutions to achieve wireless flash triggering of two flashes up to 100′ away. This flash trigger is very simple in design and reliable in the performance that makes it perfect for the photographers of all levels. The maximum sync speed of this trigger is 1/250th second. It has a 16-channel transmitter and receiver unit with an operating range of 30m (100ft).

The main feature of this is that it has a multi-purpose remote flash trigger set that allows you to trigger both, your flash and camera. With the price, it is difficult to even get a single purpose device with full functionality but Altura photo has provided its customers with a device having a multi-purpose trigger set along with many other features just for this price, I think it is commendable.

The receiver features a ¼” tripod thread in order to get your flash connected to a light stand or any device having a ¼” mounting screw.

Now as far as the usage of this flash trigger is concerned, I would like to provide you with some of the instructions which might help you while you use it.

If you want to set up the flash off-camera, then first you should set the transmitter and the receiver to the same channel, then attach the transmitter to the camera’s hot shoe and the receiver to the bottom of your flash. Once you have the receiver and transmitter ready, set the switch on the receiver to “FLASH” and your flash to manual.

If you want to use the wireless camera remotely, attach the receiver to the camera using the connection cable provided with the unit and set the receiver to “CAMERA”. Now, push the button halfway to focus, and completely to trigger the shutter.

There are a couple of problems with this unit which I want to share with you all.  The battery compartment doors are a bit difficult to move. I believe that in future design, there could be more of a score for more grip. The transmitter has no on/off switch so I have to take the batteries out of the unit to avoid possible battery drain.


  • Inexpensive
  • Good in looks
  • Easy to use


  • Hard battery compartment doors
  • No on/off switch on the transmitter
  • Random signal catching by the flash

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