Xiaomi Mi 11 i/Mi 11X Pro


Xiaomi Mi 11 i
Xiaomi Mi 11 i

The mi 11 i brings looks that are quite similar to some of Xiaomi’s other recent phones like the Poco f3. This includes the signature two-step camera bump and a glossy back of curved Gorilla Glass 5.

The back is quite shiny and mirrorlike and attracts fingerprints easily. The frame does appear to be made of plastic here, not metal like the more expensive 11 models.

Overall the phone is on the larger side, but the thin edges lend a bit of grip. One thing you do get on the Miele of an eye which the ni 11 doesn’t have his IP 53 rated splash proofing nice. 


6.67 inch Super AMOLED panel
120-hertz refresh rate

The display here is quite different from the Mi 11 it’s a flat 6.67 inch Super AMOLED panel with a 20 DP resolution rather than Q HD and Gorilla Glass 5 protection, not Victus you do still get a fast 120-hertz refresh rate though.

It’s not exactly adaptive between various refresh rates like on the higher-end models, but it will still dial down to 60 hertz if you stop interacting with the screen or play video content. It isn’t quite as sharp as the Mi 11. The Mi 11 eyes display is still sharp enough with a pixel density of 395 PPI.

You get those deep blocks typical of an amulet as well as HDR 10 Plus support and brightnesses flagship-grade here we measured around 550 nits maximum with the slider and a boost up to 940 minutes and auto mode when in bright conditions.

So using this phone outdoors is no problem. There are plenty of options within color settings to tweak the phone’s color reproduction, which is a bit confusing, but it is possible to achieve great color accuracy here. And since the screen is an emulator, there’s support for an always-on display. It’s quite customizable and will show you the time and notifications while the phone sleeps. And when it’s time to wake up the phone you can do so with this side-mounted fingerprint scanner which doubles as the power button.


The Mi 11 I has a stereo speaker setup. It’s a hybrid one with one bottom-firing speaker and the other which doubles as the earpiece. The speakers were able to score a very good rating on our loudness charts and the sound quality is good with nice sparkly highs. The George if you’re looking for a 3.5-millimeter jack, you’re out of luck here. But you can plug in traditional headphones with a dongle or connect wirelessly.


You can offer either 128 or 256 gigs of storage onboard which is expandable here. The interface of the Mi 11 is Xiaomi is MUI 12 over Android 11 is basically the same interface we’ve seen for over a year now. Although swiping through those needs super wallpapers don’t get old.

You can split your notification shade into two menus, the notification panel and the control panel for the quick toggle options. The task switcher can also be set to scroll horizontally as well as vertically. And you can keep apps in an app drawer if you want or keep them all on the home screen. Plus, since the phone has an IR blaster you can use it to control your not-so-smart appliances. 

Chipset on Mi 11 i

Snapdragon 888

At the heart of the meal, 11 is a cutting-edge Snapdragon 888 chipset the same as you’d find in the more expensive flagship me 11 models. This provides some very strong performance and benchmarks. The phone says near the top of the charts, edging out some of the more expensive competitors including the Mi 11. Thanks to our less demanding 10 NDP display. We did notice some thermal throttling after extensive heavy tasks resulting in a small dip in performance. But still, this remains one of the most powerful smartphones for the money. 


4520 mAh battery

The Mi 11 AI has a 4520 mAh battery which is just the average size for the class but even so it was able to score a competitive endurance rating of 96 hours now proprietary tests you get a 33-watt charger in the box is a downgrade compared to the more expensive me 11 models. It still does a good job though. The Mi 11 is able to charge from zero to 69% and half an hour and in which is a full charge and 52 minutes. But unlike the Mi 11. You don’t get support for wireless charging here. 

Camera on Mi 11 i

Now under the cameras, the Mi 11 is a 108 megapixel known as our main cam is the same resolution as the 11 but with a smaller sensor. There’s also an 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera and a 5-megapixel macro cat shots from the main cam come out of 12 megapixels as nine pixels are combined in one and they’re very good overall detail looks decent with a natural-looking rendition. Colors are well balanced and you get excellent Contrast, wide dynamic range, and consistently good exposure. portraits taken with the main cam look great. There’s excellent subject detection and separation. The camera even does all right with messy hairstyles. While there’s no dedicated zoom lens 2x digital zoom from the main camera is relatively sharp and detailed. It works better with straight lines than textures though.

The ultra-wide camera takes decent 8-megapixel photos with good sharpness and detail for this resolution and sort of camp and dynamic ranges the respectable colors don’t exactly match the main camps though. close up shots taken with a 5 megapixel macro camera have good detail and sharpness for this resolution. 

You can buy the Xiaomi Mi 11i here

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