You can do that in 2 days! ?Chatbot Hackathon Report Hosted by User Local

You can do that in 2 days!  ?Chatbot Hackathon Report Hosted by User Local

You can do that in 2 days!  ?Chatbot Hackathon Report Hosted by User Local

I’ve been coming here and there lately. Botson or Chatbot Hackathon.

Among them, there were 300 applications for 50 participants, a chatbot hackathon hosted by User Local. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed.

Divide into 10 teams and create something that works on chat platforms such as LINE and Facebook in two days. No external API restrictions. This hackathon was held with easy-to-understand and clean rules. The grand prize/excellent prize was awarded with prize money, so it was really exciting, so I will report it.

First of all, is the bot from the entertainment system?


What surprised me when I entered the venue wasMore women than expectedthing. I don’t know because I didn’t count properly, but the male to female ratio is about 7:3?

Of course, most of the participants were engineers, but there were also many non-engineers who participated.A wave of bots besides engineersI once again felt that it was coming.

This year’s hackathon is a seven-minute presentation of product demos and simple system configurations, and awards are determined by audience votes and discussion by judges.

We have heard about the presentations of each team, but there are teams that are creating entertainment-related bots, and there are other genres such as schedule adjustment bots that can be used in business, and bots that manage health and diet. It was wide-ranging.

Among them, the ones with the highest degree of perfection were mainly entertainment bots. First,Bots are gaining momentum in the entertainment industryIt was the content that made me feel that it was not.

While I thought it was interesting, I also felt that it would take a little more time for it to flow into the business direction. Well, I think that there is also something that made something that looks flashy as a hackathon.

The best prize is a bot that allows you to experience freestyle dungeons


“BattleMCBot” won the grand prize after careful examination.

Simply put, it’s a bot that can do something like a rap freestyle battle. Which rhymes the most? The feeling that victory or defeat is decided from the point of view.

In the demo,“Today is a fun botson. Listen to our team’s consonance.”Such a dialogue with the bot actually took place on LINE, and the presenter read out each sentence seriously.

How much anger was included if you made full use of sentiment analysis API etc.? The future prospects were also included in the presentation, and the quality of the presentation was very high.

It also has a lyrics mode, and if you send a certain word, it will return words that are somewhat similar. In the announcement, I sent the word “user local”, and the words “Wandervogel”, “Open Social”, “Water Boys” and “Thomas the Tank Engine” were returned. simply funny.

in the announcement“I rapped because I thought, what can people do to beat bots?”You said something like that, but I was listening while thinking that it was a very interesting point of view. Certainly, other raps seem to be possible because they are human.

Now is the dawn.The real battle starts here

What surprised me at the Botson this time was thatIf you have two whole days, the bot will take a certain shapeThat’s what I mean. Of course, we had platforms such as LINE and Messenger, made good use of external APIs, and narrowed down the functions to be implemented, so we were able to complete it in two days.

A hackathon can be done with a lot of programming, while a framework can be used without programming. Chatbots can be created in a variety of ways.

At the end of the hackathon, Mr. Ito, the user local representative, said the following.

When the internet came out, when i-mode came out, when a smartphone app was made…the fact that anyone can create a chatbot means thatbig turning pointI think it is.

Now is the real battle.We will continue to provide an environment where users can easily create bots locally, and I hope everyone here will continue to develop.

The rise of chatbots has only just begun. How will the form of communication change in the future? I’m looking forward to it more and more, and I will continue to follow it as Ledge!

Thank you to all the user locals and participants.