Recycling With A Reward: This Is How This New Model

Recycling with a reward: this is how this new model works in Catalonia

The citizens of 20 Catalan municipalities can now obtain rewards every time they recycle their cans and plastic bottles. More than a million Catalan citizens can receive rewards every time they recycle their plastic beverage cans and bottles in the yellow bins. This is possible thanks to RECICLOS, a Return and Reward System (SDR) that […]

Pollution: Madrid Still Does Not Meet The European Limit Despite

Pollution: Madrid still does not meet the European limit despite the stoppage of the pandemic

The air quality monitoring station at Plaza Elíptica in Madrid (Spain), which always records the highest levels of NO2 in the municipality, exceeded the limit established by European regulations in 2020. The historical decrease in pollution in Madrid as a result of the collapse of mobility due to the coronavirus crisis has been insufficient to […]

Environmental Alert: This Is How The Temperature Of Cities Is

Environmental alert: this is how the temperature of cities is going to skyrocket soon

Warming, the effects of which are already being felt in Spain, can have many impacts on life: increased mortality and morbidity, increased energy demand and reduced productivity at work. Although cities only occupy about 3% of the total land area, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban settings. For this reason, bear […]

From The Apple Snail To The Blue Crab: The Invasive

From the apple snail to the blue crab: the invasive species that threaten Spain

The Life Invasaqua project publishes a calendar to raise awareness about the damage that these species cause to the natural environment. apple snail, blue crab, raccoon or walleye make up some of the invasive alien species (IAS) that wear their best clothes to ‘pose’ on a calendar with a single objective: to raise awareness throughout […]

The Latest Spanish Discovery On The Effects Of Marine Heat

The latest Spanish discovery on the effects of marine heat waves

A study led by the Institute of Marine Sciences in Barcelona (Spain) shows that these increasingly frequent phenomena can cause changes in the genetics of fish. The Barcelona Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) has prepared, in collaboration with the Fisheries Research Institute of Qingdao, in China, an investigation that reveals that the marine heat waves, […]

A Planet Subjected To Engineering: There Are Already More Constructions

A planet subjected to engineering: there are already more constructions than living beings

A study indicates that while nature does not stop diminishing, in Spain and in the rest of the world, the push of humans does not stop growing. Our limitations have always determined our lives. Also those of our most remote ancestors, in the last ice age. Since we had neither the strength nor the speed […]

“we Cannot Afford Poorly Insulated Homes, It Is As Much

“We cannot afford poorly insulated homes, it is as much a priority as switching to renewables”

In 2021 we are learning that the new normal will also be marked by extreme weather events. The director of BC3 is clear that the Filomena storm is attributable to the climate crisis. The exceptional snowstorm Filomena, which has placed a large part of the peninsular center on red alert, now continues with a cold […]

Historical Cold Wave: This Is The Temperature That Can Endanger

Historical cold wave: this is the temperature that can endanger the life of your dog

After the historic snowfall left by the Filomena storm, this week a cold wave is making its way that is causing the collapse of mercury and, consequently, dangerous frosts in different areas of Spain. After the worst snowfall of the century In large areas of the east and center of the country, the intense cold […]

The Warning Of An Expert After Filomena: "the Extreme Episodes

The warning of an expert after Filomena: “The extreme episodes will be more and more frequent”

José Miguel Viñas, meteorologist at Meteored, explains that this adverse phenomenon that has caused road and supply cuts and human losses in Spain, could bear a surname: climate change. After several hours of incessant snowfall, the center of the Iberian Peninsula woke up last Saturday covered, in some areas, by about 50 centimeters of snow […]

Is The Global 'new Ice Age' Coming? Arctic Cold And

Is the global ‘new Ice Age’ coming? Arctic cold and snowfall never seen in Spain

The Sun’s low activity has once been linked to global cooling, but warming is now the dominant factor. A frequent resource in the arsenal of skeptics against global warming is to recall that, some 50 years ago, the popular idea regarding climate change was that the world was getting colder not warmer. An article about […]