The Three Geographers Who Prepare Us To Adapt To Climate

The three geographers who prepare us to adapt to climate change, BBVA Foundation Awards

Neil Adger, Ian Burton and Karen O’Brien advise the UN to prepare societies for the “inevitable impact” of the climate crisis. geographers Neil Adger (Ballymena, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, 1964), Ian Burton (Derby, United Kingdom, 1935) and Karen O’Brien (Aachen, Germany, 1963), have been awarded the XIII BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the […]

Ten Tips So That Your Electricity Bill Does Not Skyrocket

Ten tips so that your electricity bill does not skyrocket even more in the cold wave

With the arrival of the Filomena storm in Spain and the subsequent cold wave, the price of electricity has reached historical records. 2021 has started with an unprecedented storm that has left practically all of Spain covered in snow. After the passage of the Filomena storm, a cold wave shakes the peninsula this week, which […]

"There are no antibodies against climate change"

“There are no antibodies against climate change”

The president of the Catalan Commission for Refugee Aid reflects in his latest book on how the threat of the Covid crisis (both in Spain and in the world) “is not existential, but that of climate change is”. The president of the Catalan Commission for Refugee Aid, Miguel haystacks, affirms in an interview with the […]

The Destruction That The Pandemic Has Hidden: Record Fires, Droughts

The destruction that the pandemic has hidden: record fires, droughts and hurricanes

This 2020 will go down in history as the year of SARS-CoV-2, but also as the year of the record hurricane season, the worst drought in decades in South America and the devastating fires in the Amazon and the Pantanal. It was all a mirage. Wild animals in the center of some capital of Spain, […]

Why Using Cloth Bags Can Make You Enjoy The Beach

Why using cloth bags can make you enjoy the beach more

Every year some 229,000 tons of plastic are thrown into the Mediterranean, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. A report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) published on Tuesday revealed that 229,000 tons of plastic are thrown into the Mediterranean annually, or what is the same, the equivalent of […]

These Are The Roads In Spain Where The Most Wolves

These are the roads in Spain where the most wolves die

A report from the Lobo Marley Foundation and the Sustainability Observatory points out the deadliest sections for this animal and demands measures. The Zamora, Madrid, Segovia and Orense highways have, among others, sections of road where more wolves have turned up dead by being run over in recent years in Spain, according to a report […]

Why The Rental Electric Scooter Is Not As 'eco' As

Why the rental electric scooter is not as ‘eco’ as they sell you

The scooters that are increasingly found on the streets of Spain, emit more greenhouse gases in their life cycle than the means of transport they replace, according to studies. Electric scooters have broken into urban mobility in cities. They are presented as suitable means of transport for short journeys and sell an image of sustainable […]

This Is The Documentary That You Cannot Miss About One

This is the documentary that you cannot miss about one of the great challenges of the planet

‘A blue world’, a documentary about water scarcity available on Netflix, presents a bleak future if action is not taken against waste. Water scarcity is the great protagonist of the documentary a blue world that Netflix premiered last week and in which it addresses the possible responses of technology to the challenges of a world […]

The Warning Of A Nasa Researcher: "the Arctic As We

The warning of a NASA researcher: “The Arctic as we know it is going to disappear”

This glaciologist has just presented his first essay ‘Ice. Travel through the continent that disappears’. In it he warns about the effects that climate change is already causing in Greenland. Behind a scientific publication it is easy to imagine a group of researchers in white coats spending countless hours in a laboratory. However, many studies […]

The Mysterious Death Of Thousands Of Sea Lion Pups That

The mysterious death of thousands of sea lion pups that alarms scientists

The beaches of Namibia have been filled with deceased pups, an estimated 5,000, but the reason for now is unknown. At the end of each year, the Cape fur seals welcome their new pups on time to ensure the generational renewal of the colonies in southern Africa. This 2020, however, the beaches of Namibia have […]