A Park On Your Roof: These Are The Lessons Of

A park on your roof: these are the lessons of confinement to transform the city

The pandemic that Spain and the world is experiencing could be a trigger for a new generation of urban transformations that complement others already known, such as superblocks or low-emission zones. To poor environmental health caused by the dizzying climate crisis and a diseased production, energy and consumption system, the current health crisis is added. […]

The Un Alert On The Drop In Emissions Due To

The UN alert on the drop in emissions due to the pandemic: it is just a mirage

The coronavirus crisis “has briefly slowed down (in Spain and around the world) the historical and increasing burden of human activity on the Earth’s climate,” denounces a UNEP report. The global impact of the coronavirus pandemic will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the main greenhouse gases, this year. but it will […]