This Is The Covid Of People Who Become Infected While

This is the Covid of people who become infected while already vaccinated

Reinfections in people who have already been vaccinated are rare but do occur. Most of them, with mild symptoms. As the number of vaccinated people increases, the feeling of freedom grows and we relax. Some governments already establish measures to give carte blanche to the mobility of vaccinated people without limitations. But are we sure […]

Spanish Coup Against Cancer: Successfully Treated Breast Tumors Without Chemotherapy

Spanish coup against cancer: successfully treated breast tumors without chemotherapy

Patients have achieved remission of HER2-positive breast cancer, improving their quality of life and with less toxicity. Researchers from the International Breast Cancer Center, located in Barcelona, ​​have led a clinical trial that concludes that the PET-CT imaging test could identify around 40% of patients with localized HER2-positive breast cancer who could be spared chemotherapy […]

The New Way To Discover Drugs Against Covid: The Example

The new way to discover drugs against Covid: the example of the Spanish Aplidin

Focusing on blocking human proteins that facilitate virus reproduction opens up a promising path for new treatments. In the race to neutralize SARS-CoV-2, speed is of the essence. It has been seen in the case of vaccines, making an enormous effort to shorten research times without compromising rigor. It has also been sought to test […]

These Are The Physical Exercises That Protect The Most Against

These are the physical exercises that protect the most against Covid-19: this is how you should practice them

Studies confirm that physical activity versus sedentary lifestyle protects against the most serious cases and mortality from Covid-19. Covid-19 is starting what experts call the ‘fourth wave’ in Spain, and every day cases increase progressively again compared to the previous days and weeks. Despite the great efforts to vaccinate the population, infections do not stop. […]

From Australia To Germany: These Are The Most Permissive Countries

From Australia to Germany: these are the most permissive countries with the use of the mask

Countries like France and Germany are already relaxing the requirements to wear a mask despite having a higher incidence than Spain. One of the images of the year was that of the young Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz taking to the streets of Melbourne after two weeks of hotel quarantine, removing his mask and immersing […]

This Is The Day Of A Nurse In A Vaccinology

This is the day of a nurse in a vaccinology center: “This does not compensate, it is vocational”

Sandra María tells EL ESPAÑOL her experience going to a sports pavilion in Lleida to vaccinate. “I hope we have air conditioning in the summer.” It has been “since day zero” giving vaccines: first in the residences, then in your health center and now in one of the so-called vacunodromes. “More than 1,500 doses have […]

Covid 19: These Are The People Most At Risk Of Re Infection

Covid-19: these are the people most at risk of re-infection once vaccinated

Although vaccines are very effective, they are not 100%. Some population groups are more susceptible to experiencing new infections. Despite the high effectiveness of the vaccines against Covid-19, there is a small percentage of infections even after inoculation of the complete serum regimen. No need to worry: the true importance of vaccines lies in group […]

The Drug That Can Erase Fear In Males But Causes

The drug that can erase fear in males but causes terror in females

Osanetant, approved for human use, suppresses traumatic memories in male mice but intensifies them in females. Researchers from the Institute of Neurosciences of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (INc-UAB) have shown that the same drug that modifies fear memory can have opposite effects when administered to male or female mice. According to the study, published […]

The Risk For Spain Of The Californian Strain: It Reduces

The risk for Spain of the Californian strain: it reduces the effectiveness of anti-Covid vaccines by half

The so-called ‘California strain’ has registered 28 cases in Spain and contains a problematic mutation. In the race for SARS-CoV-2 mutation infamy, it is the Indian variant that is grabbing all the headlines, given the situation in the country. However, the data offered by others tests the positive evolution of the pandemic and the efficacy […]

Pfizer's Complete Guideline Protects More Than 95% Against Covid 19

Pfizer’s complete guideline protects more than 95% against Covid-19

The magazine ‘The Lancet’ publishes a scientific work with data from between January and April that confirms that the vaccine also protects against contagion. The Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine provides more than 95% protection against contagion, hospitalization and death from covid-19, according to a study published this Thursday in the journal The Lancet based on data from […]