The Unexpected Exercise That Reduces Body Fat And That You

The unexpected exercise that reduces body fat and that you often avoid

Lifting weights not only serves to show off bigger muscles, recent research claims that it also helps burn fat. Weight loss in general, and fat loss in particular, is one of the goals most pursued by gym customers in Spain. However, most of them continue to attach great importance to aerobic-type sports —such as running, […]

The Great Lie Of Vitamin B17: The Dangerous Remedy That

The great lie of vitamin B17: the dangerous remedy that promises to cure cancer

One of the main risks is that once consumed, this ‘vitamin’ can be transformed into cyanide that is harmful to our body. From time to time, a substance called vitamin B17 appears online. Usually highlighting its ability to cure cancer. However, under this name is actually hidden a medicine called Laetrile, a man-made form of […]

Mate: Benefits And Properties Of The 'fat Burning' Infusion That

Mate: benefits and properties of the ‘fat burning’ infusion that helps with cholesterol

Mate is more than a ritual infusion as it provides multiple benefits to the body, including fat burning that helps in weight loss diets. It has become an icon thanks to celebrities like Messi, who has appeared on multiple occasions sipping his tea in public. The infused yerba mate leaves, Ilex paraguariensis in their scientific […]

The Popular Diet That Helps You Lose Weight In A

The popular diet that helps you lose weight in a healthy way and avoid infections

A new study suggests that fasting “has the potential to beneficially modulate infectious gastrointestinal diseases.” Fasting before and during exposure to the bacteria Salmonella enterica protects mice from developing full-blown infection, in part because of the changes in the gut microbiome of animalsAccording to new research published in PLOS Pathogens by Bruce Vallance and colleagues […]

This Is What Hides The Bread That Is Sold With

This is what hides the bread that is sold with a blue plastic closure

In some countries these plastic closures are used with color codes to indicate important data about the state of the bread. Whether it’s sliced ​​bread from a large supermarket chain, or from the small neighborhood store, most of these transparent or semi-transparent bags share a particular characteristic: are usually tied with a small plastic bow. […]

Royal Jelly: The Benefits And Properties Of The 'almighty' Food

Royal jelly: the benefits and properties of the ‘almighty’ food of bees

It is the superfood to which endless benefits are attributed, but science has been in charge of denying many of them. Royal jelly is one of the first superfoods that came into our lives. Present in traditional medicine and rescued from oblivion in the sixties, the star product of nutritional supplements has come back into […]

Why A Good Plate Of Lentils Can Help You Fight

Why a good plate of lentils can help you fight the heat wave

When we eat a hot dish, our body recognizes it and sends signals to the brain to lower our body temperature. Spain records this week temperatures infernal in certain points of its geography: Several locations in our country will exceed 42 degrees during this weekend. Given this situation, the authorities recommend staying hydrated throughout the […]

Alert In Spain For Contaminated Sausages: They Withdraw These Brands

Alert in Spain for contaminated sausages: they withdraw these brands and ask not to consume them

Health has detected the presence of ‘listeria moncytogenes’ in some sausages made in Catalonia and they ask buyers not to consume them and to return them to the place where they were purchased. Health alert due to the presence of listeria in some Spanish sausages. The listeria monocytogenes is one of the pathogens that gives […]

New Alert In Spain For The Carcinogen In Ice Cream:

New alert in Spain for the carcinogen in ice cream: these are the affected products

FACUA unveils a new list of ice creams with ethylene oxide. The association warns that some establishments could continue to sell them. Ethylene oxide in ice cream continues to be talked about. The organization Consumers in Action has agreed to a new list of ice cream from Nestlé that its manufacturer, Froneri, is urging establishments […]

The Perfect Diet To Avoid Heart Attack: What You Should

The perfect diet to avoid heart attack: what you should eat and what you should avoid

Several studies have shown that a good diet reduces the chances of developing cardiovascular disease by 60%. Eat more nutritious plant-based foods is healthy for the heart at any age, including young adults and postmenopausal women, according to two studies from the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota and Brown University (United […]