Food Poisoning In Spain: This Is The Most Dangerous Time

Food poisoning in Spain: this is the most dangerous time of day

A study suggests that there are “peak” times when the human body is more and better prepared to fight infections. Food poisoning is a relatively common reason for consultation in health centers, and in Spain, it is during the summer season when they increase exponentially. heat and humidity are two powerful collaborators for the development […]

The 'trick' In Spain Of Drinking Gazpacho When You Eat

The ‘trick’ in Spain of drinking gazpacho when you eat lentils: healthy and nutritious

Lentils are a source of iron, but depending on what foods you eat with them, you will get more or less of this mineral. Although lentils are a dish that raises passions in Spain, summer is not its best time. As they are usually served hot, these legumes have usually been associated with cold winter […]

More Cavities And Worse Health: The 5 Dangers Of Abusing

More cavities and worse health: the 5 dangers of abusing soft drinks this summer in Spain

Spaniards consume a large number of carbonated drinks, which are not the best option for hydration in the heat. In the nineties, an advertisement arrived in Spain that broke stereotypes and remained in the memory of several generations. For the first time, a brand did not use a woman as a claim, but a man: […]

This Is The Newly Discovered Danger Of Eating Highly Processed

This Is The Newly Discovered Danger Of Eating Highly Processed Foods

Ultra-processed foods, already related to problems such as obesity, hypertension or diabetes, also cause intestinal disease. Among ultra-processed foods are packaged bakery products and snacks, carbonated drinks, sugary cereals, prepared dishes with food additives, and reconstituted meat and fish products, which often contain high levels of added sugar, fat, and salt, but lack vitamins and […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Also Eat Legumes In Summer

Five reasons why you should also eat legumes in summer in Spain

Although the benefits of legumes are well known, during the summer many people stop eating this type of food. Most families in Spain change their diet when summer arrives. Because of the heat, green or pasta salads, gazpachos or salmorejos they become more appetizing to eat in our day to day. Although, normally, we think […]

The Benefits Of The Nordic Diet: This Is What Spain

The benefits of the Nordic diet: this is what Spain should learn from the Vikings

This diet, not at all restrictive, proposes to follow a set of healthy habits very similar to those of the Mediterranean diet. For the Vikings, food was an important part of their culture, so much so that, in their mythology, the feasts were a fundamental pillar. In Valhalla, where half of those killed in combat […]