The World Needs Oxytocin: The Hormone Of Love Is Also

The world needs oxytocin: the hormone of love is also the hormone of friendship

The investigation of the substances that make the company pleasant opens the door to social applications. With the world on the brink of nuclear war, diplomacy manages to bring together the leaders of USA Y North Korea for one last desperate attempt at dialogue. While both men shake hands and challenge each other with their […]

Alternatives To Sugar: These Are The Five Foods That Also

Alternatives to sugar: these are the five foods that also sweeten your dishes

Although some of these foods are also high in sugar, you’re also getting other very healthy nutrients. If you do a quick search on Google Images and you type the word sugar, chances are that countless images of refined or brown sugar will appear on your screen, as you would expect. A documentary from the […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Also Eat Legumes In Summer

Five reasons why you should also eat legumes in summer in Spain

Although the benefits of legumes are well known, during the summer many people stop eating this type of food. Most families in Spain change their diet when summer arrives. Because of the heat, green or pasta salads, gazpachos or salmorejos they become more appetizing to eat in our day to day. Although, normally, we think […]