Mate: Benefits And Properties Of The 'fat Burning' Infusion That

Mate: benefits and properties of the ‘fat burning’ infusion that helps with cholesterol

Mate is more than a ritual infusion as it provides multiple benefits to the body, including fat burning that helps in weight loss diets. It has become an icon thanks to celebrities like Messi, who has appeared on multiple occasions sipping his tea in public. The infused yerba mate leaves, Ilex paraguariensis in their scientific […]

Squid Or Cuttlefish: This Is The Star Dish Of The

Squid or cuttlefish: this is the star dish of the summer in Spain that has the most cholesterol

High blood cholesterol levels are a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, but are more closely related to saturated fat. If in Spain we are very into tapas and portions, in summer we must be especially careful. The good weather invites you to go to the terraces of the bars and snack on these delicious dishes […]