The Weather In Spain For Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 5: Snowfall,

The weather in Spain for tomorrow, Tuesday, January 5: snowfall, cold and frost

A new Atlantic storm will leave low temperatures in almost all of Spain. The approach of a new Atlantic storm will leave abnormally low temperatures in almost all of Spain and will put Castilla y León on an orange warning and eight other autonomous communities on yellow, with snowfall throughout the north, especially in Cantabria […]

Historical Cold Weather In Spain: These Are The Cities Where

Historical cold weather in Spain: these are the cities where it will snow the most

Meteorologists expect up to 20 centimeters of snow to fall in Madrid from Thursday. Spain is preparing for the arrival of a cold wave that will leave half the country covered in snow. After a start to 2021 marked by frost and snowfall, the trend is for the polar cold to remain throughout the week, […]

When Will The Cold Wave End And The Snow Will

When will the cold wave end and the snow will go away: the forecast by region for Spain

The rise in temperatures is not expected until the weekend, so the snow cover and ice will persist for several more days. On the third morning of the historic cold wave suffered by the center and the northern half of the peninsula, Castilla-La Mancha and Aragón lead the ranking of the coldest night, where the […]

Historical Cold Wave: This Is The Temperature That Can Endanger

Historical cold wave: this is the temperature that can endanger the life of your dog

After the historic snowfall left by the Filomena storm, this week a cold wave is making its way that is causing the collapse of mercury and, consequently, dangerous frosts in different areas of Spain. After the worst snowfall of the century In large areas of the east and center of the country, the intense cold […]

Why It Is Colder In Madrid Than In Oslo: Keys

Why it is colder in Madrid than in Oslo: keys to a historic cold wave

This episode of extreme cold is caused by an anticyclone and the accumulation of snow that prevents the heating of the ground. The thermometers continue to fall in Spain in general below -10ºC leaving Teruel, Toledo, Madrid, Soria and Burgos with temperatures lower than those recorded in Norway, according to It is an unusual […]

Is The Global 'new Ice Age' Coming? Arctic Cold And

Is the global ‘new Ice Age’ coming? Arctic cold and snowfall never seen in Spain

The Sun’s low activity has once been linked to global cooling, but warming is now the dominant factor. A frequent resource in the arsenal of skeptics against global warming is to recall that, some 50 years ago, the popular idea regarding climate change was that the world was getting colder not warmer. An article about […]

Ten Tips So That Your Electricity Bill Does Not Skyrocket

Ten tips so that your electricity bill does not skyrocket even more in the cold wave

With the arrival of the Filomena storm in Spain and the subsequent cold wave, the price of electricity has reached historical records. 2021 has started with an unprecedented storm that has left practically all of Spain covered in snow. After the passage of the Filomena storm, a cold wave shakes the peninsula this week, which […]

The Weather For This Monday: Warnings For Cold, Snow, Wind

The weather for this Monday: warnings for cold, snow, wind or strong waves throughout Spain

Precipitation will be abundant to a greater extent in areas of the Strait and the Central, Iberian and Penibetic systems. The cold front that crosses the Peninsula will leave this Monday locally persistent rainfall in Galicia, Cantabrian and Pyrenees western, snowfall above 600-1000 meters in the northern half of the peninsula and intervals of strong […]

From The Cold For Christmas To The Heat In The

From the cold for Christmas to the heat in the new year: the crazy time for this winter in Spain

A cold front that will coincide with the Christmas dates will give way to a season that is expected to be warmer and drier than usual. The 2020-2021 winter that began this Monday at 11:02 peninsular time is expected warmer in all of Spain and also drier, especially the further west of the peninsula, after […]

The First Wave Of Frost Arrives In Spain: Cold Below

The first wave of frost arrives in Spain: cold below zero and wind for the weekend

The arrival of winds from the north will precipitate the drop in night temperatures and will end the summer weather in November. Ehe cold and wind will put an end to the hot weather recorded in recent days, although the weather in general will remain stable, according to the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), which expects […]